1.14 Billion Shiba Inu Burned in Single Week by These Projects: Report

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Yuri molchan

According to a recent report, 1.14 billion SHIB tokens were disposed of last week alone with four billion SHIB burned since the beginning of December.


According to a recent tweet posted by the Twitter account “SHIBtyme”, from December 12 to 26, the number of burned SHIB tokens amounted to 1,140,746,704. Three Twitter accounts were tagged in the tweet: the Bigger Entertainment account, its founder Steven Cooper, and vEmpire DDAO.

Almost two billion SHIB burned this month

The first, Bigger Entertainment, is a crypto label that sells merchandise, NFT, and event tickets, and allows users to listen to music tracks on its website, allowing users to contribute to regular SHIB recording parties. The last one took place on December 26, when 239,600,144 SHIB tokens were taken out of circulation by being moved to an indestructible direction.

Overall, since mid-October when this project began, the team has burned 880,983,100 SHIBs, which is equal to $ 33,741.60.

According to the “SHIBtyme” tweet, since December, the SHIB army has burned nearly two billion SHIBs in total: 1,943,391,652 tokens, to be exact.

The average amount of SHIB burned per day is 13,741,174 coins.

According to the graph shared in the tweet, the largest SHIB burn took place on December 22, when 700,000 tokens were destroyed. In all, 350,000 were burned on December 26. Between 250,000 and 300,000 were sent to a “dead address” on December 18.

Almost four billion SHIB were burned in December in total

As U.Today previously reported, a staggering 706 million SHIB were burned in just 24 hours on December 23, giving the price of SHIB a slight push up.

From Dec. 26-27, another 370.4 million were removed, according to ETH’s blockchain tracking service etherscan.

These two burns add up to nearly four billion SHIBs shipped to a null address in December.

Steven Cooper tweeted that, as predicted, the SHIB burns had started to grow with more and more businesses and communities joining the Shiba Inu burning initiative. Earlier, Cooper promised that Bigger Entertainment’s SHIB burn rate would double in the next two months.

Source: https://u.today/114-billion-shiba-inu-burned-in-single-week-by-these-projects-report

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