10 Side Characters That Stole The Show In Anime: Ranked

It’s not the protagonist, the villains, or the best-in-class animations that drives anime to perfection. These are indeed important to the production, but what matters the most is the collective contribution of each and every character appearing on screen at that particular moment. All characters cannot become protagonists or antagonists, which is why we call them secondary characters, as they have their own role to play in the story and leave an impact that primarily favors the protagonist or antagonist towards their ultimate goal.

Sometimes these supporting characters leave such a strong impact on fans and stories that they overshadow the protagonist and steal the attention of most of the audience. There are some who sacrificed everything that no one would have imagined, but being secondary characters, their screen time is still limited, so we could not explore their story in a broader sense, but in this article, we are going to classify some of the famous. Supporting characters who stole the show and left their impact on the audience and the story perfectly. Make sure to read this article to the end.


This classification is based solely on the author’s perspective. Your opinions may differ with the following classification

10. Buggy The Clown (One Piece)

Well, if we’re talking about the supporting characters, then Buggy definitely deserves to be on the list. He may not even be the most powerful pirate, he played his role perfectly in the anime and entertained us at various points. His role in the Marineford arc is my personal favorite and how he managed to get the Warlord title is something not to be missed. He shared a very close bond with one of the series’ most mysterious characters, Shanks, and was a former crewmate on Roger’s Ship, which definitely makes him the pirate worthy of challenging heavy enemies.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Buggy the clown

9. Bishamon (Noragami)

Bishamon is quite an interesting character in Noragami. She is extremely powerful and also known as the Goddess of War. She is one of the seven gods of fortune and was the antagonist in season 1, but in season 2, after fighting with Yato, the main protagonist, she became one of the protagonists of the series. He remembered how he used to live in peace with Yato and how he changed after a certain incident.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Bishamon of Noragami

8. Giyu Tomiyoka (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba)

Demon Slayer is one of the hottest anime on the planet, and Giyu is the fire that keeps that heat. He is the reason for the motivation behind Tanjiro’s water breath. He is the one who saved him and his sister Nezuko from the mortal demon in the first episode and saved Nezuko even though she turned half demon. Giyu accepted Nezuko and entrusted Tanjiro to heal her, and even encouraged him to become a Demon Slayer.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Giyu from Demon Slayer

7. L (Death Note)

Well there’s very little chance that you don’t meet L, but if you don’t, trust me, you should watch Death Note ASAP. He is one of the smartest characters in the entire anime genre, and indeed the perfect rival to the self-proclaimed god Kira, also known as Light Yagami. It twisted the intelligence of the Light into a loop and left the most epic impact in history. Even after his death, his aura can definitely be felt in the story.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime

6. Kenpachi Zaraki (bleach)

Kenpachi Zaraki is one of Bleach’s most beloved captains. His confidence and the desire to fight with the strongest is something that the fans admired the most. Even after not having a Zanpakto, his confidence and motivation helped him defeat powerful enemies and scare opponents to death. Your motives are always clear without bad intentions.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Kenpachi Zaraki

5. Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)

Portgas D. Ace, also known as Ace, left the greatest influence on the continuing series based on the One Piece manga. He was the main reason behind the supreme war that started the new era of Pirates and confirms the existence of the One Piece treasure. Even though the war did not end in our favor, the result reflected Luffy in his own weakness and became a reason to strengthen himself to protect his Nakama. After Ace’s death, Luffy trained hard under Rayleigh’s guidance and emerged much stronger than before. Currently, he is even capable of taking down Kaido, one of the Emperors of the Sea.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Portgas D. Ace

4. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

The one with Ackerman’s blood on her is someone we can’t help but add to the list. She is the true nightmare for the deadly titans and a wall of protection for Eren Yaeger. She can even lay down her life for Eren, as she is bound by the Ackerman blood that is supposed to protect the Eldian King. She even developed feelings for Eren, but she never expressed this in front of him. On the other hand, he’s extremely skilled and someone you don’t want to mess with.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Mikasa Ackerman

3. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

The other Ackerman is on the list but he is the complete opposite of Mikasa. This guy is capable enough to take down the entire floor full of deadly titans. He’s the real nightmare, and never, in your wildest dream, screw him. His kicks are enough to daydream any human, and Eren is the perfect example of this. Zeke Yaeger or Beast Titan have already experienced their rage, and their single gaze is enough to make any AOT fan go wild with excitement.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Levi ackerman

2. Madara Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)

The second major antagonist in the Naruto Shippuden series ranks second on our list. In fact, he is the most powerful and experienced shinobi in all of the Naruto anime. He is the one who cornered the five kages as well as the Tailed Beasts in a fair fight. Your motives and intentions are backed by strong will and goals. You can find some of your appointments in your environment.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Madara Uchiha

1. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)

A character who deserved to have his own anime, a character whose novels are currently being sold all over the world. What else do you expect from a supporting character? Itachi Uchiha is indeed the best supporting character in the entire anime genre, as he completely followed the protagonist and caught the attention of millions of people. He is the guy who always lived for Konoha, and even after his death, he protected Konoha from a very terrible situation. He sacrificed everything for the sake of his brother Sasuke and his Konoha people. He came into our lives as a villain, but eventually becomes one of the greatest heroes.

10 supporting characters who stole the show in the anime
Itachi Uchiha

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