200,000 Users Onboarded in Beta

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New app will change the job search narrative in 2021 with the power of blockchain and the HMT token


The HUMAN application, a flagship product for job search in the HUMAN protocol, has successfully implemented and activated its main network version. With its instruments, everyone interested in a new job will be able to take advantage of a blockchain to boost their career.

After 200,000 beta registrations, the HUMAN app is activated on the mainnet

According to the official announcement shared by HUMAN Protocol, its main product, HUMAN App, is now out of its beta testing phase. Its mainnet version went live on December 22, 2021.

This application allows users to advertise available careers and find employees on the blockchain. All data displayed is verified by blockchain, so it cannot be removed, replaced with false information, or censored.

Users can complete “tagging” tasks to obtain the protocol’s native digital asset, HMT. On beta testnet, more than 200,000 decentralization enthusiasts registered their accounts on the HUMAN app.

Harjyot Singh, CTO of HUMAN Protocol, explains that the mainnet version of the HUMAN app functions as a permissionless and attack-resistant gateway to next-generation labor markets:

The HUMAN application shows what is possible through the HUMAN protocol: Hundreds of thousands of users complete work on the same network through a simple interface that serves as a point of access to the labor markets without permission that enables the Protocol. We are delighted with the success of the beta and the interest of our community in it, and we are delighted to deliver this important milestone.

Following Ethereum and Polygon, more blockchains to come

Currently, the application works on two main blockchains that are supported by Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), namely Ethereum and Polygon. In the coming months, HUMAN Protocol will integrate more smart contract platforms.

To withdraw HMT rewards, Polygon Network is used – users must set up a Polygon account (MATIC). KYC verification for withdrawals is carried out through the third-party Civic protocol.

In 2022, the HUMAN App will add new functionality, including opportunities to manage your reputation, personalize job interests, and detail your qualifications and proven career follow-up details.

Source: https://u.today/human-protocol-launches-its-app-in-mainnet-200000-users-onboarded-in-beta

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