(3 Ways) How to get free traffic for Websites/Blogs

Organic Free traffic to Increase Blog Rank | How to Get Free Traffic to Blogs or Website

I will show you how you can do it by copying and pasting your content on this website, you start getting traffic without any SEO, so if you are struggling for traffic for your athlete market, Perhaps you want to receive a commission for making a sale in order to receive a commission. Or maybe you want to get fast traffic to your website without any problem then this video is the definite website for you


LinkedIn is an awesome traffic source and probably totally underutilized in your own marketing. I bet you want in. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 ways to start driving traffic from LinkedIn today.

  • Optimize Your Personal Profile
  • Join Groups
  • Start a Group
  • Create a Company Page
  • Share Often
  • Add a LinkedIn Share Button to Your Site
  • Republish Content
  • Pay For It

We are going to go and paste our content in the link, you need to create an account in linkedin and in that linkedin linkedin is getting 1.30 billion traffic every single month, this is a great opportunity for you to write a content Is. content out there, and what start getting traffic to your website or selling your uh market strategies to make money from this website, i am going to show you how to publish content on linkedin and get more sales from now How to get more traffic LinkedIn is getting 1.30 billion traffic not only coming to this place but it’s a great opportunity

No don’t paste your content here where you need to make your content does it display it right what article is different than posting here this place is going to be more viral than this place so in that case we will replace the word going to hit write what article so you can be taken to a page we may be able to paste your content i told you you can copy and paste your blog post ok your blog post very simple You paste it here then copy your entire content and your strategy to get traffic by copying your content is:

Adding whatever internal linking is fine I’ll show you what I mean, make sure you watch this post till the end if you’re having difficulty getting free traffic or getting traffic to your blog, my Means linking it with internal linking is internal linking that will take you to my website and this is uh if you check very well let me scroll down if you check very well i have a market here url that is taking you to buy moose premium just 2.66 this is a great opportunity for you which boost your affiliate marketing url which is to make more sales and also get traffic to your blog you can text your link here by doing some internet you say go back to google. 

which is it someone is referring to google console for this file but if you check here you can see that I am adding some internal linking which is going to add more benefits to my website and please There’s also the site url that users are going to do that person that’s real to read more about some of my other blog content Dinging this stuff It’s very easy to get traffic from LinkedIn, which they do every single month. 1.30 billion for traffic, I think this is a great opportunity for you guys to get free traffic.


How To Use Medium To Drive Traffic To Your Website | 6 steps you can take get Medium Traffic without having any followers on Medium!

  • Republishing your content on Medium
  • Engaging with Medium influencers
  • Commenting on articles on Medium
  • Posting content to Medium Publications
  • Engaging in Social Media Activities
  • Include Medium in your content binging strategy
It is very easy to just copy and paste your content just copy your content title and paste it here ok in this place you may be able to paste it and then copy the whole content make sure you add some internal linking that is going to generate traffic or lead to some sales from your Athlete Market url it’s very easy let me copy it, paste it in medium copy and paste in medium and check if linking to one of my blog posts and if you scroll down you will see the place i add the most premium for only two cents i need to make more sales from visitors to copy that particular place 
For the one who is going to read this, it is only organic traffic using the big website to rank your content and make some sales and also get the traffic for you. website so i paste it here and show you something this is where i link people to buy the most premium for only two dollars for every month i think in my website i give people will make a lot of commission by directing to buy the most f or just 2.63 who sent it this is a great opportunity for you to boost your affiliate market and get traffic to your blog if you check here in this space My blog url is supposed to take them to my other website.
It takes time to build relationships and drive traffic to your website through the demand generation strategy outlined in this post. Success is not going to happen overnight. It will take a lot of hard work and effort. Make sure you are consistent with your efforts and soon you will reap the benefits. Using Medium to drive traffic is definitely a great growth hacking strategy.
The next time you write a post, set a timer for yourself. The time you spend creating content represents 20% of your efforts. Now it’s time to get to work and use the remaining 80% of your time to promote your new post!


Pinterest playing Vital Role for driving free traffic to blog
  • Create Pin and Board in Pinterest with keyword research
  • Create Unique Attractive Images/Picture using Free tools like Canva
  • Give Good Title and Description with Good Seo
  • Try to match your Blog post title same to published image title
  • Pin between 1-5 Pins per day
  • Try not to Pin the same Pin to the same Board more than once
  • Use a scheduler
  • Always pin your Pins to the most relevant Board first
If you are planning to drive lots of traffic from Pinterest to your blog without spending money on ads, then these tips will definitely help you get started.
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