3 zodiac signs that will have a difficult day on September 28, 2021

While today carries beneficial energy for most, for the three zodiac signs who will have a difficult day on September 28, 2021, it will be a stark reminder that we cannot forget to address what is most important to us. and for others.

Today brings our Sun of Libra and the Moon of Gemini that shortly after transitions to Cancer.

This energetic shift of the lunar energies changes the perspective we have had recently on what to focus our attention on and what is something to deal with now or later.

Gemini’s moon He is very active and has made us plan and reflect on what we must do to take the next steps in our lives in whatever capacity that means.

However, once we switch to the Cancer zodiac sign For some it will be a reality check that we have missed some important steps along the way.

This is especially true for those most positively affected by the recent influx of energies from the air, as now, instead of planning and looking ahead, you are being asked to consider the feelings of yourself and those involved.

While this brings challenges, it is also an opportunity to correct course or redo any plans you have previously made. This is also supported by the current Mercury Retrograde Libra themes, which will ask us to review what we have previously agreed to in terms of our partnerships.

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We are being given the time and space to reflect on our current actions and see if they align precisely with what and who is most important to us.

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