3 zodiac signs that will reconcile with an ex on September 29, 2021

When Venus Trine Neptune, we all fall a bit in love with the idea of ​​love … so much that we can start dreaming about it.

Our dreams turn into wild fantasies that we begin to think can come true. And sometimes this kind of thinking can manifest as a reality, although that doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending to the dream.

With Venus ruling over Taurus and Libra, and Neptune ruling Pisces, we will see how this ‘dream’ can shed these signs, making them wanting, even annoying at the thought of creating that ‘perfect’ love, maybe even finding it in someone they once loved and had a connection with.

Because of these two planets, these three signs will look for meaning in love, and they can find it in the past, but is this something that can continue? Can some kind of reunion happen or, rather, can a reconciliation happen that has positive and lasting benefits? ?

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That remains to be seen, although we know it: the dreamlike state that Neptune brings to some allows them to think that they are about to enter a relationship that may have long since died out.

It’s a tough mental season and he can play with our hearts. It is good that we are strong enough to handle almost anything.

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