449.3 Million XRP Wired by Anonymous Whale and Binance

By | December 20, 2021
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Yuri molchan

Recently, an anonymous whale has transferred almost 450 million XRP together with Binance and a major Korean exchange.


According to tweets posted by crypto tracker Whale Alert, an anonymous crypto wallet owner, along with major exchanges including Binance, has transferred nearly 500 million XRP tokens in the last 14 hours.

Almost 500 million XRP traded

The cryptocurrency tracking service has spread the word that major market players have exchanged a massive number of XRP tokens. There have been six large transactions, with lots of 23 and 15 million XRP. The largest transfers amounted to 231,110,320 and 97,000,000 XRP. Those are equal to $ 191,716,080 and $ 82,415,750, respectively.

The 231.1 million were connected between anonymous crypto addresses. Among the exchanges that also traded XRP are Binance and the leading South Korean exchange Bithumb. The former has moved 68,000,000 XRP between their wallets. Bithumb has shipped three stash of XRP with 97,000,000, 15,000,000, and 15,000,000 XRP over the past six hours.

Ripple and Bitso exceed 718.3 million XRP

As U.Today reported on Saturday, an even larger amount of XRP was transferred. This time, among the senders were the giant Ripple DLT and two of its ODL platforms, including Bitso, the largest crypto exchange in Latin America, based in Mexico.

Ripple giant DLT connected a gigantic number of XRP tokens (580.6 million) in two transfers: 460,669,182 XRP and 120,000,000 XRP. That’s the equivalent of roughly $ 460.5 million in fiat.

Bitso and Bitstamp, two ODL platforms cooperating with Ripple and located in Mexico and Luxembourg, along with crypto trading center Binance, also moved 137.7 million XRP together.

Those were internally transferred funds, and each of the exchanges sent XRP between their own wallets.

Source: https://u.today/4493-million-xrp-wired-by-anonymous-whale-and-binance

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