5 facts about Nanami Kento, that you might not know

Kento Nanami is one of the most serious and attractive personalities in Kaisen Jujutsu, and his fighting technique is incredible. If you are a fan of his and would like to discover new information about him, then this post is for you. He was a first-year student of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto at Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Nanami began working as a salaried employee after graduating from Jujutsu High, but returned four years later to restart her career as a jujutsu sorceress. Nanami was a Jujutsu High grade 1 sorceress who mainly worked on the Tokyo campus. Satoru became a close mentor to Yuji Itadori after being introduced by him. Nanami is an extremely irritable person who expresses her annoyance both visually and audibly.

Nanami is a tall, muscular man with a neat parting in his blonde hair. Nanami has tiny eyes and thin eyebrows, which she hides behind her signature sunglasses. Nanami is a wise and reserved man who is stoic and distant due to his calm and nonchalant demeanor. Nanami understands the difference between service and sentimentality. He seems to be someone who takes his profession too seriously. In most conversations, he is direct and direct, and does not tolerate unrealistic optimism or open-ended questions.

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1. Unique ability

Nanami’s martial prowess is initially seen in a skirmish that follows his and Yuji’s initial visit to the movie theater where the murder they were tasked to investigate occurred. Nanami finds obvious traces of the attacker’s cursed energy there. They chase him to the ceiling of the movie theater, where they come across two Curses. Nanami and Yuji decide to face a Curse each. Nanami, being the most experienced combatant, removes her Curse first. He does this using a skill he refers to as the proportion technique. Nanami can visualize her opponent’s body parts separated into ten equal halves.

5 facts about Nanami Kento
Nanami Kento

2. Nanami is a big fan of bread.

Nanami used to frequently go to the bakery to buy her favorite bread and she met the young woman behind the counter. He sees a minor curse on his shoulders and decides that it is not worth risking his life by exposing himself. Nanami was dissatisfied with her coworkers’ concern for money above all else at work. Nanami’s only concern four years after graduating from Jujutsu High was money. When he returned to the bakery, he realized that the girl, like him, had trouble sleeping due to the weight on her shoulders. Nanami never cared about her status in the world, but she did believe that her line of work did not benefit anyone.

3. Little consideration for the rank of Jujutsu wizard

Nanami recognizes that being a jujutsu wizard is a risky and stressful career for insane people, so she has trouble appreciating those who practice it. Despite their faith in each other, Nanami believes that they do not appreciate Satoru. He went from being a salaryman to being a sorcerer because he never felt properly appreciated and did not feel that his job had any real influence. As a sorcerer, on the other hand, he was able to accumulate modest tokens of gratitude from unconscious individuals. This was enough for Nanami to enjoy a life free of regrets.

5 facts about Nanami Kento
Nanami Kento

While studying at Jujutsu High, Nanami had a similar but naturally less mature mindset. The missions were a difficulty for him, but his pessimism was constantly countered by the unwavering optimism of his classmate Yu Haibara. Nanami’s choice to give up her life as a jujutsu sorcerer was influenced by Haibara’s death. One of the reasons he thinks jujutsu wizards are rubbish is that they have to convince their teammates that they should gladly compromise. He admits that this caused him to “run away” from the profession rather than “abandon it.”

4. Stoic thinker

Nanami is an informed and calm man who is stoic and distant due to his calm and selfless demeanor. Nanami seems to be the type of person who takes her profession too seriously, but understands how to distinguish sentimentality from service. In most interactions, he is direct and direct, and does not like unrealistic optimism or open-ended questions. Nanami is also quite irritable and quick to express it, both with her expression and with her words. Nanami is frequently irritable. He hates working overtime and is adamant about avoiding exceeding his quota for even a minute.

5 facts about Nanami Kento
Nanami Kento

5. Nanami has had a significant influence on the development of Itadori.

Nanami is the ideal grade 1 jujutsu sorceress. Yuji and Takuma Ino admire Nanami for her calm demeanor when faced with a difficult situation, as well as her exceptional ability to resolve it. Due to these qualities, Satoru Gojo entrusted Nanami with Yuji’s care, which paid off for Yuji’s development. Ino, a powerful 2nd grade sorcerer, considers “what would Nanami do” when faced with a difficult decision because she believes Nanami has a better and smarter approach to problems. Nanami is considered a role model for a Grade 1 sorcerer.

6. Nanami is 27 years old

Kento Nanami appears to be a couple of years older than he really is. It’s no wonder he appears to be a year older than him, given his character archetype of the overworked sorcerer who can’t wait to get off work and almost refuses to work anymore. He is a great businessman who is serious and severe in his demeanor. Nanami generally wears a business suit, as you would expect from a former office worker. Beneath a brown jacket, a white dress shirt is paired with matching pants and light shoes.

7 facts about Nanami Kento

Nanami is simply a typical man burdened by the routine activities of day-to-day life that did not allow him to enjoy his youth. Nanami does not believe that age or life-threatening events will bring one to maturity. Instead, he believes that people become adults as a result of the accumulation of all the minor inconveniences in life.

7. Your intelligence

Outside of her cursed technique, Nanami’s most valuable attributes in battle are her keen fighting instincts and deductive reasoning abilities. Nanami knew she was outgunned in terms of raw cursed energy both times she fought Mahito, yet she managed to survive both encounters and overwhelm Mahito on many occasions due to quick thinking and flawless execution. When Nanami was assigned Mahito’s case, she was able to employ her team to track down the essential clues, eventually leading them to Mahito. He could also see that Mahito was luring them to his shelter on purpose, so he decided to go alone to protect the others.

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