Aaron Sorkin says Scott Rudin “got what he deserves”

Aaron Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin
Photo: Alexander Koerner (fake images)

Aaron Sorkin does not have much sympathy for Scott Rudin, the former Hollywood producer whose reign in show business exploded in the middle of a bombing of allegations of abuse. INorth a new interview with Vanity fair, Sorkin says his former partner, with whom he worked in The social network, The news room, Steve Jobs, and Kill a Mockingbird, which is about to reopen on Broadway., he got “what he deserves”.

“Ready“I think Scott got what he deserves,” Sorkin said when asked if he had seen or was aware of Rudin’s behavior. “He’s lying on the mat right now, and I don’t know how standing on his torso and jumping up and down helps me.”

Sorkin too denies any knowledge of Rudin’s behavior, calling the bullying he witnessed “upper class” as out of character. The Devil Wears Prada. No violence, that does it right! The Devil Wears Prada, as we all know, has continued ever since to become the gold standard for how bosses should treat their employees.

I will tell you that in several of the follow-up stories that I read, you will see that people are quoted who say, “Everybody knew, everybody knew.” And that is ridiculous. Everyone did not know. I certainly didn’t know, and I don’t know anyone who did. First of all, I have my own experience with Scott, and he is a superior kind of bullying, but I get it. The stories he had heard for the past 12 years were the kinds of things that could have been scenes from The Devil Wears Prada, there was no violence. There is nothing physical in the stories I heard.

Of course, Sorkin denies knowing of Rudin’s behavior, even if the accusations were a well-known secret inside and outside of Hollywood. What Gawker notes, the press reported on Rudin’s behavior over the years. In 2014, Page six published “The Man Known as Hollywood’s Greatest Idiot,” which, among other things, describes Rudin forcing an aide to get out of his car on Triborough Bridge after the aide picked him up late.

Sorkin must have missed 2005 too Wall street journal article “Boss-zilla!”, which describes Rudin as the “most feared boss in Hollywood”. Of course it is he is not the only one who alleges ignorance. Last week, Academy Award Winners Joel Coen and Frances McDormand also denied having knowledge of Rudin’s behavior.. On the other hand, the Hollywood bigwigs must be the only ones who don’t talk about this kind of thing. They’re just your coworkers, after alll.

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