Activists Block M25 for the Seventh Time Despite Threat of Fines and Prison | London

Police arrested 11 people after Insulate Britain activists blocked a roundabout at a junction with the M25 hitting the road on Wednesday morning.

The protest, which started around 7:30 a.m. M., It was the seventh similar action that the Extinction rebellion splinter group, and the second since the granting of a court order that threatened imprisonment or unlimited fines if they did not stop.

“We are not going anywhere. It can rob our savings. You can confiscate our property. It can deny us our freedom and put us behind bars. But shooting the messenger can never destroy the message: that this country will go to hell unless emergency measures are taken to stop putting carbon into the air. Boris, get on with the work, ”said a spokesman for the group.

The activists have become notorious for their tactic of blocking London’s orbital motorway and other major roads as they try to draw more attention to the climate crisis. Specifically, they have asked ministers to fully insulate all houses in the UK within a few years.

They argue that the law would not only reduce UK climate emissions, but would also help tackle energy poverty, which according to the latest official figures affects more than 3 million households in England alone.

Last Tuesday, the high court granted an injunction preventing protesters from disrupting traffic to or along the M25 after several protests. Activists also attacked the roads leading to Dover and a judge granted a new injunction last week. The activists claimed that the campaign, which entered its third week on Monday, was carried out by 115 people and resulted in more than 400 arrests.

While Insulate Britain’s methods have been heavily criticized by some, academics and policy experts have suggested that there is support for the end activists seek.

Proper home insulation has been viewed by experts as a ‘ripe fruit’ in the UK’s carbon footprint effort. Last week, Jess Ralston, an analyst with the Climate and Energy Intelligence Unit, told the guardian A 2017 study found that the initial cost of the job would be dwarfed by the financial and social benefits it brought.

Kent Police tweeted: “The Swanley Interchange roundabout at J3 of the M25 has now reopened following an earlier protest, which resulted in the arrest of 11 people. Delays remain in the area as late traffic clears. Thank you for your patience.”

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