AdaSwap Partners With COTI, Issuer of Djed Stablecoin

  • AdaSwap joined COTI, the developer of Djed.
  • AdaSwap creates a Cardano NFT market with fixed, long-term, and high-yielding liquidity pools.

The Cardano network is one of the strongest projects in the industry that continues to receive support from different crypto projects in the space. This time, AdaSwap, an ecosystem builder who claims to be the first to establish a decentralized exchange on the Cardano network, joins COTI, the developer of Djed, a Cardano-based stablecoin exploring ways on how their system can integrate AdaSwap. . DEX.

The partnership will allow AdaSwap to find listing opportunities for Djed on AdaSwap DEX. Furthermore, he plans to examine ways on how you can use the algorithm-based stablecoin network that Djed is building. Lennon Qualmann, CEO of AdaSwap explained:

As a Cardano believer, I love to see COTI’s strong engagement in the Cardano space, it shows the potential that is being created for the Cardano ecosystem through innovative engagement.

AdaSwap is creating a native and gamified DEX for the Cardano network. This technology will allow the crypto community to seamlessly exchange Cardano-based tokens in seconds with lower fees.

In addition, AdaSwap is also building a Cardano NFT market with high-yield, long-term, fixed liquidity funds. These groups will allow token holders to bet, buy and sell NFT and earn interest on their investments.

On the other hand, crypto Djed seeks to overcome the challenges currently facing the crypto space. These challenges include fees, latency, global inclusion and risk in centralized finance, and the clogging, fees, and complexity issues in DeFi.

The COTI network will play a very important role in solving these problems using its proprietary consensus algorithm based on machine learning, called Trustchain. It lives in a new multi-DAG (directed acyclic graph) data structure that is scalable, fast, private, inclusive, low-cost, and optimized for finance.

Additionally, COTI is responsible for publishing Djed smart contracts and serving as a front-end for funds, companies, developers, and others who wish to mint Djed and the reserve currencies used as part of their linking algorithm. Additionally, users of the AdaSwap platform will be incentivized with rewards for providing liquidity through Djed trading pairs.

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