Agent of the Sangvis Ferri vs AR Team Begin In Dolls’ Frontline Episode 2

Dolls’ Frontline Episode 2 reveals the war between humanity and the T-Dolls a hundred years ago. In 2045, warriors fought enemies and four heroes revealed that World War III would break out. Humans created the mechanical life forms of tactical dolls. The military deployed the dolls of the whole world. The war begins, and after the war, the T-Dolls of the main military manufactured by Sangvis Ferr and the rebels against humanity. The latest episode of Dolls’ Frontline reveals T-Dolls Against Humanity. AR Team Griffin’s elite T-Doll unit sends its forces to investigate and stop the war between humans and T-Dolls.

The unit learns that Sangvis Ferr has sent reinforcements arriving within fifteen seconds during the battle. Humanity realizes that they are unrivaled against the T-Dolls since they appeared in numbers and their armor deteriorated. The head of the T-Dolls told humanity that they had a cone to deliver death. The T-Dolls overwhelmed humanity until midnight. At night in Area s09, Carpathian Mountains, the girls saw Griffin T-Dolls. They wonder why the Griffin T-Dolls have arrived. The other girl reveals that Griffin went on a mission to take down any Sangvis in the area.

But the Griffin were separated from the main unit and then abandoned. The four heroes watch the griffins as they leave the forest. M4 was surprised to learn that, and the trio asked if they should take the abandoned Griffin with them. The eyepatch hero girl told M4 and the others not to worry as the Griffin are offline and Sangvis won’t track them down. But they can continue with the mission and let the Griffin continue their journey. M4 accepts that as she relies on the eyepatch heroine as her advisor. They confirmed the coordinates: V6J69-HJYRV.

Previously on Dolls’ Frontline Episode 1

M4 contacted Persica and told her he was with the AR team. Persica told him to make his case. M4 told Persica that they were at the Sangvis reconnaissance base headquarters and that they had found Lyco and the location of the research data. The blonde haired hero screams that she is the one who found those data. M4 adds that Lyco is located on a mainframe in Safehouse 3. But they will claim it and send it to 16LAB; Persica allows them to complete that mission. The blonde girl told M4 to hurry as the Sangvis were waiting for them.

Dolls Frontline Episode 2
Dolls Frontline Episode 2

The third girl told the blonde girl not to get carried away as they weren’t here to have fun. Captain M4 orders the AR Team to begin the mission. The trio led the way, but Captain M4 was worried about the Griffin. AR Team runs towards the goal, and the blonde girl wonders what the goal of her mission is. The patch girl wonders why AR15 asks that question. AR15 realizes that Persica gave them the mission to retrieve the data from the experiment. But they have reached Sangvis territory, searching for the document left behind by the dead.

Captain M4 reminds the girls that they are the other T-Dolls and must complete the mission. They entered the base and blew up the door with a time bomb. AR15 notices a camera and Captain M4 finds a working laptop. Captain M4 sends a report to Persica that they have reached the objective and Persica is glad to find the date. But the operating system was too old for the main gimmick, the spine system. But Persica can help with the password to start the IP.

Dolls Frontline Episode 2 Release Date

Dolls’ Frontline Episode 2 will be released on January 15, 2022. Persica told Captain M4 the password. But M4 must copy everything and go home. Persica reveals why they have to keep it in her brain, as the Sangvis could take it. Sangvis Ferri’s agent appears on the screen and talks to them. Let’s take a look at the official details of the Dolls Frontline Episode 2.

Dolls Frontline Episode 2
Dolls Frontline Episode 2

Watch Dolls’ Frontline Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Dolls’ Frontline episode 2 online on Muse Asia & Bilibili Tv at 1:00 am JST. You can also watch Dolls’ Frontline episode 2 online at Funimation and ANIPLUS for those in the UK. AR Team fights with Sangvis and Ferri, but they escape. M4 realizes that they must find the commander they trust. Let’s meet when Dolls’ Frontline Episode 2 releases.

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