Amazon MMO New World may still be crashing some GPUs

The colonial warriors are in a field in front of a tower that explodes in magic crystals.

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Colonialist Amazon Resource Extraction MMO, The new World, is currently the most popular new game on Steam, literally in some cases. More than a few gamers report noisy fans and high graphics card temperatures while running the game and occasionally even while queuing to watch it. And then there are the reports that the game is crashing expensive GPUs entirely.

“We have people sending emails stating that their GPUs are no longer working after playing games The new World, ”PowerGPU custom PC building website wrote on Twitter yesterday, as you saw it for the first time Pc gamer. “All of this means they didn’t play the beta and we were anticipating that those who didn’t would have the same problems.”

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The new WorldThe PC requirements are not too demanding, even for an MMO. But the game can be resource consuming, taking full advantage of high-end components when available. This problem arose during the summer during The new Worldbeta, leading more than one EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 card Cook in the process.

Amazon pulled out a patch to cover The new Worldin an effort to keep GPU loads in line, but the real culprit seemed to be manufacturing defects in the particular series of cards affected, such as EVGA later explained in an interview. The cards were doomed to fail at some point; The new World it just turned out to be the canary in the GPU mine, so to speak.

That is why PowerGPU now says it expected this to happen once again gamers with potentially faulty graphics cards started giving The new World a try. It’s not just EVGA GeForce RTX 3090s either. Gigabyte cards appear to be in the mix too. “My ‘Gigabyte 3080 Ti OC’ was destroyed by The new World Has the error already been corrected? “wrote a player on the game’s subreddit. There are several others anecdotal reports of brick cards there, as well as general complaints upon spikes in GPU temperatures when playing.

Even if The new World It is not the direct culprit, it is still regrettable for the people involved. While it’s best to find out there are production issues on a $ 2,000 card while it’s still under warranty, ongoing inventory shortages and supply chain issues mean that sellers aren’t exactly drowning in replacement parts. In the meantime, The new World Gamers can take the extra precaution of making sure their graphics card firmware and drivers are up to date, and that the game’s frame rate is limited in the settings menu.

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