Any luck?

Punjabi Sundari Tapsee is currently making her Bollywood debut. The woman created her own unique style by choosing the main images. Bhama, who has been making concept-oriented films in a row, was thinking of taking a break from them and choosing a commercial story. The news is that this bhama is going to act opposite Bollywood ‘Badshah Shahrukh Khan’ in a movie. Shah Rukh Khan is going to make a film under the direction of Rajkumar Hirani. Tapsee’s name is heard as the protagonist. Speaking about this, she said, ‘Would Shah Rukh Khan have the chance to act as a couple? If the movie is okay then I will say it myself. We would scream loudly for everyone to hear over our house. My lifelong desire is to act with a great actor like Shah Rukh Khan. I want it to be fulfilled, ‘said Tapsi.

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