Apple continues its ingenious ‘box in a box’ trick to sell the iPhone 13 with EarPods in France

What was the case With the iPhone 12 last year, Apple is selling the iPhone 13 with EarPods in France. While Apple stopped including EarPods with the iPhone starting with iPhone 12, a legal requirement related to radio frequency energy requires that headphones be included in the box with smartphones.

This situation focuses on the potential damage caused to the brain by absorbing radio frequency energy. You can debate the legitimacy or impact of this, but many countries have established a legal limit at the RF power output. In Apple’s case, the iPhone connects to the proximity sensor to detect when you are holding your phone against your head, thereby reducing the RF output.

But in France, regulators have gone one step further with a law that says users should be actively encouraged to avoid holding the phone to the side of the head. Instead, the country recommends using a headset when talking on the phone. The specific objective of French law is to protect children under 14 years of age from radio frequency.

For this reason, France requires that smartphones be sold with headphones: “an accessory that allows limiting the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communications”. You can find a full summary of law here.

First shared by a user in the MacRumors forumsApple included wired EarPods in the iPhone 13 box, just like it did with the iPhone 12. Apple has also kept its clever “box-within-a-box” solution. Just open the outer case, then you will find the iPhone 13 case, then remove it and you will find the EarPods hidden underneath.

This allows Apple to use the same iPhone 13 box and packaging process for all iPhones, and then include the EarPods separately to streamline shipping and operations.

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