Athidi Devo Bhava Movie Success meet | Adi Sai Kumar Guest Devo Bhav Movie Success Meet

‘Our film has once again proved that good effort can be appreciated by the audience. I am happy to have good openings, ”said Adisaikumar. He played the hero in the movie ‘Atithidevobhava’. Polimera Nageshwar is the director. Built by Rajababu Miryala and Ashok Reddy Miryala. Recently this film pushed the audience. The film crew held a press conference in Hyderabad on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion, Adi Saikumar said, ‘The family emotions in the film are impressive. For me, the scenes that come between Rohini are mind boggling. I am happy to say that my acting is good. ‘ The director says that the first half is entertaining and the second half is full of emotions and the collections are good everywhere. The producers said they were happy that their first attempt was a success.

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