BIXB Aims to Facilitate Financial Activities Without Restrictions

  • MRM Group created BixBcoin.
  • BixBcoin aims to facilitate safe and fast financial activities without restrictions.

In 2019, a decentralized entity called MRM Group introduced BixBcoin as a new paradigm in finance. Led by a distributed team located in various parts of the world, BixBcoin’s goal is to facilitate safe and fast financial activities that are free of restrictions from third-party entities such as governments.

According to the team, the most important features of the platform are the BIXB blockchain and the BIXB wallet. The project’s blockchain infrastructure enables users to conduct low-cost and fast transactions. Meanwhile, the BIXB wallet allows users to store, send, and receive BIXB, and it is available on the web, Android, Windows, and Linux.

Apart from these, the platform has a deflationary mechanism: the BixBcoin has a limited supply of 3 million units. The team subsequently shared many plans and projects, including providing low-interest loans through Loanypto, an online payment gateway called BIXBPay and becoming a token for online gaming platforms such as “Victory Games” and “Toto. “.

In addition to this, BIXB is featured on different coin statistics and information websites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Nomics, Coincodex, CoinRanking, and FX Empire, to name a few. With this, users who are interested in BIXB can analyze the charts before buying, selling or trading digital assets.

BixBcoin went live in March 2020 with a starting value of $ 25 as a fork of Litecoin. The constant developments have brought the price of BIXB to a great level that also at the beginning of 2021, reached an ATH of $ 260.

The team behind BixBcoin has high ambitions and wants to explore more possibilities for investors to earn stable passive income through gambling. With the successful launch of BixBcoin and the achievement of notable milestones in a short period of time, its team of developers has announced the debut of a unique platform called Probix, which enables investors to earn by betting.

Probix is ​​a blockchain-based platform that operates automatically without the intervention of any individual or organization. It is best suited for holders who are interested in receiving multiplier earnings by HODLing their assets.

Registering on the Probix platform and using its services does not require KYC. In addition, its security is highly reliable and is fully protected thanks to its blockchain base.

Meanwhile, it should be emphasized that this unique development has increased the demand from its users, which has also led to an increase in the price level in recent days. Users are also preparing to start using Probix by purchasing Bixb to enjoy a profitable investment.

By keeping Bixb on Probix for one year, users can benefit from + 200% APY in token. However, since all Probix plans are based on T + 1, users who hold their assets for less than a year can benefit from non-compounded interest at the end of the plan’s life. This is only allocated to your principal and will not be calculated as compound interest, otherwise by holding your coins for 365 days a significant benefit awaits users.

Compound interest will be awarded based on the selected plan. Investment plans with different percentages, as well as different amounts and duration, are available on the Probix website.

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