Britney Spears Hearing – Live: The Guardianship Battle Returns To Court With Critical Decisions To Be Made

Britney Spears returns to court in guardianship case

The Britney Spears guardianship case returns to court today.

A potentially pivotal hearing is scheduled for this afternoon in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Judge Brenda Penny will be pressured to make important decisions about whether to end the guardianship that has ruled over Spears’ life and finances for 13 years, and whether the system remains in place, whether her father, James Spears, you must remain as your daughter’s guardian.

Spears has said that she wants the guardianship to end and for her father to no longer supervise her.

His attorney Mathew Rosengart, who was allowed to hire Spears in July, has aggressively lobbied for James Spears to be removed from guardianship. Rosengart previously requested an emergency hearing on the matter, but Penny ruled that it could wait until today.

James Spears himself has filed a petition to end the guardianship, after applying for it in 2008. He urged Penny to make a decision on the matter this Wednesday (September 29).

The hearing will begin at 4:30 pm ET / 9:30 pm BST / 1: 30 pm PT.

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Britney Spears supporters gathered today (September 29) in London for a “Free Britney” rally ahead of the court hearing.

(Kate Green / Getty Images)

(Kate Green / Getty Images)

(Kate Green / Getty Images)

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 9:05 PM


The court hearing on the guardianship of Britney Spears will begin in one hour.

This time, there will be no remote access or audio streaming.

In June, Spears’ testimony denouncing guardianship was heard in full.

However, all Los Angeles County courts have terminated the program that allowed people to attend court hearings remotely, resuming access in person.

“As of June 28, the Court will no longer offer the Remote Audio Assistance Program (RAAP) to remotely listen to courtroom proceedings. The Court implemented this temporary program during the pandemic recognizing that there may be abuses of Court orders prohibiting the recording, filming and distribution of proceedings, ”read a statement issued on June 24, shortly after Spears’s hearing that month. .

“Widespread violations by the public in a recent court proceeding highlighted the need to return to open court proceedings in person, which is a welcome development.”

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 8:43 PM


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Mathew Rosengart, the attorney Britney Spears hired for the summer, shortly after she was granted permission to choose her own attorney, is expected to be present at today’s hearing.

He is pictured below outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse after a scheduled hearing in July.

(VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images)

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 8:15 PM


Here’s a full timeline of the guardianship, from January 2007 to today:

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 8:00 PM


Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari, has spoken of the “bad taste” left by the many documentaries about the singer.

Shortly before the new surprise program Controlling Britney Spears, was released on Friday, September 24, Asghari shared his thoughts on the filmmakers trying to portray Spears’ ongoing legal battle for her guardianship.

“I hope that the proceeds from these documents go towards fighting #freebritney injustice,” he wrote in the comments section of Netflix’s Instagram page, in a post promoting his new documentary, Britney vs. Spears.

Read more Asghari’s comments on the story below:

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 7:33 PM


Britney Spears supporters are demonstrating in London this Wednesday (September 29) ahead of the court hearing:

(Kate Green / Getty Images)

(Kate Green / Getty Images)

(Kate Green / Getty Images)

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 7:15 PM


Earlier this month, Britney Spears announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Asghari.

In a video posted on Instagram, she is seen showing off her engagement ring.

She wrote alongside the clip: “I can’t believe it.”

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 6:52 PM


Here’s an introduction to today’s audience, starting in a few hours:

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 6:22 PM


Britney Spears recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

This means that you will work out a prenuptial agreement that your father should not be involved in, according to his court documents.

James Spears has denied acting in anything other than his daughter’s best interest, and has declined Rosengart’s demands that he immediately resign, saying in a court docket that in his 13 years in guardianship, “according to the best In the knowledge and belief of Mr. Spears, not a single medical professional nor the report of a single probate investigator has recommended that the presence of Mr. Spears as conservator hurt Ms. Spears or that she should be replaced. “

Clemence michallonSeptember 29, 2021 5:58 PM

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