Cardano founder says delays are just the nature of the game

Input Output (IO) CEO Charles Hoskinson is pleased with Cardano’s progress to date.

Talking to Dan Gambardello from the Crypto Capital Venture YouTube ChannelHoskinson said that people are too focused on the micro image.

He added that this perspective does not take into account the achievements made to date, nor does it allow for potholes in the road. Especially considering the scale of the task at hand, which can be summed up in the use of blockchain technology to bring about positive change globally.

Hoskinson’s words were directly referring to community pressure on Cardano’s few dApp offerings thus far. Many assumed four months into the Alonzo smart contracts that the ecosystem would be a bustling hive of activity by now.

However, to the frustration of many, only one Cardano dApp, on MuesliSwap, is on the list. Old defi.

Hoskinson is pleased with Cardano’s progress

Framing the situation, Hoskinson summed up Cardano’s progress by saying that we went from nowhere to becoming a top 10 project and a significant force in setting the research standard for Proof of Stake.

“with more than 100 exchanges, 2 million people, 130 dApps under construction, 2 million assets issued on it.”

Yet despite the gains made since late 2017, the Cardano founder said that people “get caught in the strait.”

Justifying the delays, Hoskinson said there were significant changes throughout the four-year trip. All of which forced IO to adopt new approaches, leading to the delays that people are complaining about.

“We had to rewrite the software three times, there were major changes in architecture and vendors. Approaches were taken that did not work, of course there were delays ”.

Delays do not invalidate what has happened before

Seizing the opportunity to equate the circumstances with Ethereum, Hoskinson notes that Vitalik Buterin initially gave ETH 2.0 a launch date of 2018. But now, Buterin’s estimate comes sometime in 2025.

“Vitalik said that in 2015 he said that Ethereum 2 would come out in 2018, in the worst case. It’s 2022, he says maybe it’s 2025. “

Last week, Buterin said that ETH 2.0 is about 50% of the way to completion. However, important tasks remain to be addressed, such as the merger of the ETH 1.0 and ETH 2.0 chains and the implementation of sharding.

Hoskinson asks if this means that Ethereum’s achievements to date are “bad.” Answering himself, he says no, “it’s just the nature of the game” when building blockchains.

“Does that mean that everything Ethereum has done and achieved is bad? No, it’s just the nature of the game and there are things you learn along the way. “

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