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MicroStrategy Shares Fall as SEC Rejected Its Bitcoin Accounting Strategy

Amid the cryptocurrency market crash, shares of MicroStrategy fell as much as 15% before stock markets rallied late Monday, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) objected to the company’s Bitcoin accounting strategy. Newly released filings show the SEC has rejected how Michael Saylor’s software company accounts for his cryptocurrency holdings. SEC Unfavorable Accounting… Read More »

Report: Biden administration may soon unveil an executive order on cryptocurrencies

The Biden administration is reportedly working on an executive order emphasizing potential economic, regulatory, and national security challenges that cryptocurrencies might pose in the future. A comprehensive order with the support of multiple agencies for the Bloomberg reportthe White House is formulating an executive order and has asked multiple federal agencies to evaluate critical risk… Read More »

Legal Reflections on Metaverse (II) Data Protection and Privacy

In the previous Legal reflections on metaverse (I): Intellectual Property Rights, we explore how intellectual property (IP)-related issues might play out. While that’s still largely theoretical, early metaverse projects already has problems with data protection. In this article, we will focus on data protection and privacy. Data and privacy breaches In recent months, many users… Read More »

46% Bitcoin miners employ renewable energy sources to mine Bitcoin: BMC

Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC), recently announced the results from its quarter fourth survey highlighting how Bitcoin mining is steadily adopting sustainable power usage. As per the latest Q4 survey report, the percentage of the global Bitcoin mining industry deploying renewable resources to mine Bitcoin has increased from 1% to a remarkable 58.5%. sustainable bitcoin mining… Read More »

Russian Tech Founder Expresses Discontent Over Crypto Ban Proposal

Russia’s top bank’s plan to impose a blanket ban on crypto activities such as trading and mining has met stiff resistance from members of the opposition and the country’s tech community. Last week, the Russian Central Bank published a report stating that crypto risks are “greatest for emerging markets, including Russia” and thus urged the… Read More »