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Federico Chiesa’s resounding finish just 10 seconds after the break doomed the champion, also beaten by Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday, to their first group stage defeat in two years.

James Robson was in Turin to rule the Chelsea players …

It should have been tested a lot more, given the number of starts Juve created, but their shot let them down. He was unable to do anything about the Chiesa strike.

As uncomfortable as it has seemed in a long time. Chiesa overcame him in the first half and went out of position for the goal after the break.

He looked as exposed as anyone when Juve broke through at top speed. A tough night in which Chelsea was out of shape.

Forced to make headlong tackles to try to chain Juve’s flying attacks and was not helped by Alonso.

He couldn’t offer much in terms of deliveries from wide positions and struggled to keep the door closed behind him.

Consecutive games in which you have not been able to control the midfield. Invaded when Juve got ahead.

Federico Bernardeschi’s crucial challenge on the edge of the area denied him a scoring opportunity. He did not offer enough from an attack point of view.

Ineffective going forward and backward as well. Juve’s best moments passed him by the side in the first half and he was hooked at half-time.

A promising start as he found some dangerous spots, but he didn’t do enough with the ball when he got it.

Hungry for service once again and it’s becoming a problem. Still, he had a glorious opportunity to equalize, but he fired.

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