Cherry Blossoms After Winter Anime Adaptation: Will It Happen?

Cherry Blossom is a BL / Yaoi manhwa written and illustrated by Bamwoo. It is currently being published by Mr. Blue and Tappytoons is uploading it online. Right now, there has been news about Cherry Blossoms After Winter Anime, so before we discuss that, let’s take a look at their story. The story tells of an orphan named Haesung, whose mother used to be Taesung’s best friends. After his parents died, Taesung’s mother brought him home and told Taesung that Haebom would live with them from now on. Hearing this, Taesung reacted badly because Haesung was his best friend and crush, and if he stayed with them from now on, wouldn’t that mean that they would have a similar relationship as siblings? Haesung was introverted and afflicted. He didn’t have the courage to face Taesung, so eventually, the two grew apart.

Surprisingly! This year, Taesung is also in Haesung’s class. What will happen now that both guys are together 24/7? Does Taesung really love Haesung? Will you fight for your love? Will Haebom finally be able to open up? All these questions can appear in the minds of readers. The manhwa is already getting a drama adaptation, will it also have an anime? Let’s find out!

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Will ‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’ get an anime adaptation?

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is an amazing manhwa (Korean comic) that covers the trope from childhood friends to lovers and even cohabitation. The beautiful story of how a child faces the loss of his parents and is taken in by family friends, bullied but rescued by a former friend he lives with. Slowly all misunderstandings dissolve and are forgiven, and it blossoms in pure love. He is very adaptable and thus also turning into a live action drama (web series)! However, no official statements regarding the anime adaptation of Cherry Blossoms After Winter have been announced yet.

Cherry blossom after winter anime
Haesung being Lovey Dovey

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This could probably be because it is Korean and also has some explicit chapters later on. However, these reasons are not good enough not to abandon such an attractive work. The plot is quite refreshing and also brings out the right amount of warmth, which is cute but not cheesy. Maintaining this balance in a romantic genre is very important.

A tragic past? Much. However, things are just beginning! Haesung dreams of having Taesung as a friend again. You terribly want not to be bullied this year. Poor me! Junseung and Sangwon are also in his class this year and they start the day by ordering him to buy them meals with his ‘own’ money. As angry as he may seem, Haebom is quite helpless because despite considering Taesung’s family as his own, he cannot open up freely with them because he feels he owes them something.

Is ‘Cherry Blossoms after Winter’ adapting to drama?

‘Cherry Blossoms after Winter’ is being adapted into a web drama with rather short episodes, just like in an anime. Each episode will be 20 minutes long, and the drama is supposed to be only eight episodes long. Let’s hope it’s a success so we can have an anime soon! It is supposed to start in February 2022. It is directed by Yoon Joon Ho, who previously led Justice Team. The role of Haesung will be played by Ok Jin Uk, and the role of Taesung will be played by Kang Hui. It is being produced by WStory, which has revolutionized the K-Drama industry by providing viewers with a lot of original content from BL web series in the pandemic. This is the first webtoon adaptation of WStory.

Cherry blossom after winter anime
Cherry blossoms after winter drama adaptation

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Where can you read the manhwa ‘Cherry blossoms after winter’?

Readers can read it online at Cartoon, webcomics, Y Web novel too. These are the legal websites where the writer and the company have posted the manhwas. The manhwa has five seasons, and is currently in its ‘epilogue’ chapters. It is still ongoing and could end soon.

Cherry blossom after winter anime
Haebom and Taesung

Where can you watch the drama ‘Cherry Blossoms after Winter’?

The drama will officially air on Viki in the next month, February. All manhwa readers, as well as fans of the drama, are very excited to see this show. The webtoon is so clean and beautiful in style that there are high hopes for dramas as well as anime that it could be adapted if drama is trending!

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