Chiranjeevi meeting with AP CM Jagan .. What was the decision taken during the meeting ..

Mega star chiranjeevi with AP CM Jagan
Mega star chiranjeevi with AP CM Jagan

Mega star chiranjeevi | Many people have been trying to tell AP Chief Minister Jagan about the problems in the film industry for days but so far it has not been possible. Although there were meetings in the middle .. it was only with the AP CM as well as the ministers. Now finally at the festival AP CM Jagan himself summoned Chiranjeevi. The megastar said the meeting went well. Megastar Chiranjeevi said that the answer to some of the squabbles between the film industry and the government since last April will be found soon. He appreciated Jagannath’s efforts to make entertainment available to the general public. He also told Jagan about the situation facing the film industry with the decisions taken by Jagan.

However, the issue of movie tickets was discussed in particular. Everyone wants what Jagan actually said about this. But the AP CM did not say anything on this, Chiranjeevi said. Chiru said it was not clear whether ticket prices would be reduced or increased, but Jagan said justice would be done to all. Chiranjeevi said the CM had brought the issues of all sections to his attention. Chiru said that there was not enough glamor in the industry .. There would be workers who would not be beaten here .. He appealed to Jagan to think about their situation. The megastar said that Jagannath had responded positively to the constructive suggestions he had made on these issues. Chiranjeevi, however, spoke as if he was thinking of anything but did not come out of the meeting with any clear assurance. Jagan assured that a decision acceptable to all would be taken .. No one should be afraid but you should be brave .. I am for you .. Jagan did not give any assurance that the industry will remain as before. Chiru, however, said that the decision to make changes in Jivo would be taken in view of the objections raised on the prices of movie tickets. All the ideas are only happening .. but they have not yet come to fruition. Analysts say that Jagan’s meeting with Chiranjeevi did not break the stick.

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Chiranjeevi’s meeting with AP CM Jagan

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