Cody Rigsby, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Participant, Positive for Covid – Deadline

Dancing with the stars Contestant Cody Rigsby, a Peloton fitness instructor sometimes called the “King of Quarantine,” announced today that he tested positive for COVID-19-19, a few days after his dance partner. Cheryl burke he also contracted the virus. It is the second time that Rigsby, who is vaccinated, has tested positive.

Rigsby, who gained fame when people switched to home workouts during the pandemic, announced his diagnosis on Instagram.

“Hello friends, I wanted to speak with you to share some news. Although I am fully vaccinated and took a lot of precautions, following CDC guidelines, I recently tested positive for Covid-19, ”wrote Rigsby, 34. “In order to rest and recover properly, as well as to avoid exposing others, I will take a break in the next few days. I appreciate all your support and will be back as soon as I am ready. “

In an attached video, Rigsby detailed his symptoms.

“I have tested positive for Covid again, the second time this year,” he said. “Right now I have really mild symptoms: congestion, a bit of a headache, cough, but compared to when I had Covid earlier this year, it is day and night, so the vaccine and antibodies must be working. . So we are very grateful for that. As for my destiny Dancing with the stars, we are still trying to figure that out right now, so please bear with that answer. “

its Dancing with the stars His partner, Cheryl Burke, also tested positive for the virus and was in quarantine as of Monday.

In an Instagram video posted Sunday night, Burke said she was fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine and felt bad about disappointing her dance partner.

“I just hope I didn’t spread it. For those of you who don’t think Covid is a real thing, it’s real (expletive), buddy, ”said Burke, 37.

Rigsby was supportive by posting, “Send our boo @cherylburke all your love and support as he kicks the covids a $$!”

Burke said he planned to self-quarantine for 10 days, while expressing disbelief that he contracted the virus.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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