Corona is positive for Trisha

Chennai: Corona cases are on the rise in the country. Many celebrities, politicians and film personalities are now affected by this global epidemic. Recently, popular actress Trisha was infected with corona. The virus was reported before the start of the new year via Twitter. Kovid‌’s symptoms are a bit bothersome right now and he is trying to recover quickly from the epidemic.

She said she took all precautions but was infected with the virus. Corona has all the features I have. She told me she had been in a lot of pain all that week. At the moment I have recovered and I am fine because I have been vaccinated. Everyone is advised to take the vaccine and wear a mask. She thanked her relatives and fans who prayed for her.

Meanwhile, Trisha has been shooting for the web series ‘Brinda’ for the past few months. According to current information, Trisha went to an area to celebrate the New Year. Unfortunately, Kovid was positively found there and is currently in isolation. The difficulties encountered with Kovid on this occasion were shared with the fans through Twitter on Friday.

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