Coronation Street fans believe this legend will be killed

Coronation Street Fans are convinced they’ve figured out which legendary character will have a spooky ending in the stunt week of the soap opera that is so much talked about this fall.

The bosses recently revealed that the soap opera’s big week this fall, which has become a tradition for being some of the most spectacular episodes of the year, would be even bigger than the 2010 streetcar crash.

Coronation Street Chief Iain Macleod also revealed that the big stunt would not only involve the sinkhole that has been lurking in the Platts garden since last year, but that a much-loved character was going to meet an untimely end in the disaster.

Audrey on Coronation Street

Fans are convinced that all Audrey’s talk of death means that she will be killed. (Image credit: ITV)

Last night’s episodes of Coronation Street saw Audrey Roberts celebrating her 81st birthday, and fans believe they have seen evidence in the scenes that she is the doomed character to be killed.

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