CrowFi Sells IDO: Path to Becoming Top DeFi Exchange, Offering Massive APYs and Amazing Tools

Crow Finance (CrowFi) is a blockchain-based service that allows investors to leverage their own finances for performance, just like a bank! Hosted on the Cronos Network – the official blockchain of, CrowFi will become a leading exchange with an investment toolbelt.

Multiple String Swap

Yield agriculture

NFT Market

Referral Programs

Graphics Solution

Stop Losses and Limit Orders

Access ramp from Fiat to Crypto

What is the typical APY on a savings account?

Answer: 0.06%

That’s brutal compared to what the decentralized financial space offers.

With APY (Annual Percentage Yield) reaching in the hundreds or thousands, it’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t take a look at CrowFi …

By now, most people have bought or heard of cryptocurrency, and it is a matter of time before it becomes a credible medium of trading or storage of value. By using the CrowFi platform, investors can leverage their funds by becoming what is called a ‘liquidity provider’. The funds are deposited into a farm or vault, which is then rewarded with a service or performance fee.

Investors will soon be able to take advantage of the many utilities that the CrowFi app will have to offer on the DeFi mobile app!

Learn more about the groundbreaking project by joining CrowFi’s Telegram channel, where anyone can ask the team questions and be one of the first to receive new announcements.


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