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Here are the top five crypto news stories from the day before U.Today brought you to the fore.

Dogecoin creator and Elon Musk team up to criticize the US government.

The confrontation between Elon musk and the United States government continues, and his friend Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, was quick to rescue him. In his tweet, Markus expressed disappointment in the way the government is treating Musk, noting that the billionaire continues to be criticized by some regulators as Senator Warren despite paying the largest individual tax bill in the history of the country. The Dogecoin developer has also added that the media is being dishonest in calling for inflation in transition, while the government prints an additional $ 2.5 trillion to boost the struggling economy.

SHIB now has over 1 million headlines

Shiba Inu has come to another significant milestone as the number of meme token holders reached 1,075,000. Of this large number, 1,000 large ETH wallets currently contain nearly 48 billion SHIB tokens. The reason behind this increase is that Shiba Inu is up 52.342172.7% from the November 28 all-time lows of $ 0.000000000056. However, right now, according to CoinGecko, the coin is changing hands at $ 0.00003228 due to negative price action.

SEC commissioner for crypto to resign in January

According to the official announcement of Elad Roisman, will step down from the position of SEC Commissioner at the end of next month, which means that “Crypto Mom” ​​Hester Peirce will be the only friendly voice for cryptocurrencies within the agency. Roisman declared that serving as an SEC commissioner was “the greatest privilege” of his career.

Earlier this month, Roisman along with Peirce issued a joint statement criticizing President Gary Gensler’s approach to cryptocurrency legislation, claiming that the SEC failed to develop clear standards that would allow investors and regulated companies to interact safely. with cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Inu whales lose more than $ 150 million in 24 hours

From yesterday The Shiba Inu price drop from the $ 0.00003 area put most whale wallets in huge losses of more than $ 150 million. The correction wave has also hit retail investors, causing them to lose money or break even in the market, according to IntoTheBlock. The decline in the share’s value was due to the negative price action of SHIB. Since the last ATH, meme crypto has lost roughly 70% of its value. Shiba Inu was previously trading at $ 0.000088 before quickly dropping to October levels.

However, fortunately for Shiba Inu holders, the price of the asset increased 8% today as an anonymous whale bought four billion SHIB.

TRON transactions surge after Justin Sun exits

After Justin sun announced his resignation as CEO of Tron, some users decided to take advantage of the news. According to CoinMetrics, proceedings on the Tron blockchain they have outperformed EOS, ETH, XRP, NEO, LTC, ADA and DASH, which could suggest increasing utility. Yesterday, WhaleAlerts also reported tranches of large TRX transactions. The most recent carried 75,186,300 TRX worth nearly $ 5,867,895 from Binance to an anonymous wallet.


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