Daniel Craig just learned about ‘Ladies and gentlemen … the Weeknd’

Daniel Craig He may have portrayed the cunning international spy James Bond, but when it comes to internet and social media memes, the actor is blissfully oblivious.

In an interview Posted Thursday in The New York Times, Dave Itzkoff spoke to the actor in a story that began more than a year and a half ago to coincide with Craig’s final stint as Bond in the franchise. There is no time to die. The release of the film was repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic and is now scheduled to hit theaters on October 8.

Itzkoff caught up with the actor on a follow-up call to the times article, where Craig discussed his tenure as 007, his role as Benoit Blanc in Knives out and his next turn on Broadway playing Macbeth.

During their talk, Itzkoff mentioned that they were talking on a Friday afternoon and that social media would soon be filling up with a video of Craig presenting weekend upon Saturday night live. In the clip, Craig introduces musical guest The Weeknd, but utters the lines “Ladies and gentlemen … The Weeknd” in a shrugged manner that sounded like double meaning, elevated to meme-worthy status.

“Has the popularity of this affected you in any way?” Asks Itzkoff. Craig responds, “No, what is that?” Itzkoff explains that Craig’s clip is used to signal the start of the actual weekend.

“Do they?” Craig replied. “It’s amazing. I don’t know what that is, but thanks. That’s adorable. I guess I would have to have social media to know what this is all about.”

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