Did not like that call

Nidhi Agarwal says it is her dream to make a full-fledged action movie. The latest film in which she played the heroine is ‘Hero’. Ashok Galla plays the hero. Sriram Aditya is the director. It will be released on the 15th of this month. Nidhi Agarwal’s cover-up with journalists’ is a film that stretches differently in the ‘commercial’ style. In it I look like a doctor named Subbu. It’s impressive how a young man solved the problem I was facing. Another Tamil film along with ‘Ismart‌shankar’ in which I had previously acted as a doctor was a huge success. I want that sentiment to come together once again. As this is Ashok’s first film, let me give you some advice on dance. My dream of doing a film with Pawan Kalyan came true with ‘Hariharaveeramallu’. Whether the recognition of being a glamor heroine is considered a plus. My definition of the word glamor is different. In the early days I did not like to be called that. Currently playing the role of Dee Glamor in a Tamil movie. I love Hyderabad. Putta right here. It is a pleasure for the Telugu audience to accept me as a heroine. ‘

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