Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14: Hiro’s Team vs Executioner Sealsdramon

Digimon Ghost Game episode 14 reveals the mystery behind a new technology created called a hologram that makes paranormal phenomena occur frequently. The Holograms that appear at night in the news called the Phantom Hologram. The Gorilla Hologram Ghosts fed on junk food at night, but a mysterious laser attacked it and it disappeared. Digimon Ghost Game reveals the annihilation of the Hologram Ghost. Gamamon met his champion in the morning and thanked him for the food. Hiro meets with the Digimon and talks about the video that Monitamon took a few days ago. Hiro and Ruru notice that Salamandamon was rampaging.

They realize that Salamamndamon is a gecko, but they notice that someone killed him. Kiyoshiro and Ruru wonder who attacked Salamandamon and only see a knife. Hiro learns that the Digimon died after a single hit. Gamamon believed it was murder. They ask Monitamon if he knows where the knife came from, but Monitamon has no clues. The Digimon know that a mysterious creature has been eliminating them. The Digimon decided to join forces to resolve the matter, as they could be the next target.

Kiyoshiro realizes that he is scared and tells the others to use the bathroom. The Digimon notice that Kiyoshiro wants to escape and they push him back. They replay that video and hear a familiar sound, and one of the Digimon wonders if it is “Der Scharfrichter”. Kiyoshiro realizes that Der Scharfricher is German and means Executioner. They realize that there is an Urban Legend in the Digital World. The Urban Legend kills the Digimon with a single hit. Monitamon realizes that they only hear one sound before being attacked.

Previously on Digimon Ghost Game Episode 13

Kiyoshiro heard “Neun, neun, Funf” and realized that it means 995 in German. Hiro adds that it’s nine hundred and ninety-five and wonders what it means: Digimon think about the number of victims killed. Hiro realizes that it makes sense since the mysterious creature is the Executioner and has killed all 995 victims. But he wonders how a Digimon can die. At night, the Executioner appears hidden in the dark. Hiro heads home with Gamamon and wakes up, realizing that the Executioner will appear.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14
Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14

Hiro realizes that Bakumon told them how the Executioner goes after Digimon indiscriminately. Kiyoshiro scolds Gamamon for licking his computer and asks if Gamamon is hungry. Hiro thinks the Executioner would target Gamamon. Kiyoshiro is still scared after seeing that video and thinks it is too dangerous. He knows that if the Executioner arrives, he will be close since he is always close to Hiro. They realize that Jelymon could be in danger as she always goes out alone. Ruru and Backmon work on a computer and talk about the transparent shield SWAT teams have and wonder if they should buy one.

Later, the Executioner eliminates another Digimon and reveals that it is 996. In the morning, Jellymon went out alone and said that the Executioner could go to hell as she is an expert at reading her opponent’s movements. Hiro and the other had met and talked about Clockmon. Kiyoshiro thinks they can fix things by negotiating with the Executioner. The Digimon mock Kiyoshiro by telling him that he is the only one who is afraid. Backmon wonders where Jellymon is. Kiyoshiro reveals that she dated. Jellymon is nearly killed by the Executioner.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14 Release Date

Digimon Ghost Game episode 14 will be released on January 16, 2022. Backmon arrives and saves, but the Executioner fights with Hiro’s team. They manage to hide, and the Executioner overwhelms them. Bokomon realizes that the Executioner is Sealsdramon in disguise. Jellymon realizes that he has heard of Selection D, and Backmon realizes that Selection D is a test of training for assassins. Let’s see the official details of Digimon Ghost Game episode 14.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14
Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14

Watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 14 online at Funimation and Crunchyroll Sunday at 9:00 PM JST. You can also watch Digimon Ghost Game episode 14 online on the official Fuji TV channel and Youtube. The executioner Sealsdramon takes aim at Gamamon, but Bokomon protects Gamamon. Hiro’s team defeats the Executioner, but Gamamon becomes enraged, and Hiro reminds him of who he is, and he becomes his normal form. Let’s meet when episode 14 is released.

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