Drunk driver kills teen in front yard accident at 76 mph

A drunk driver killed a teenager while accelerating to nearly 100 mph in 30 mph and 40 mph zones.

Andrew Price He “lost control” of his black Lexus IS and crashed into four parked vehicles before breaking into the front gardens on Haydock.

Rear seat passenger Adam EdwardsThe 19-year-old suffered catastrophic internal injuries and died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

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Front seat passenger Anthony Finch, 25, slipped into a coma and spent three months in the hospital due to life-changing injuries.

Liverpool Crown Court He heard that Price “died” at the scene, but was brought back to life with CPR and defibrillation shocks.

Family members of the victims were dumbfounded when CCTV footage of their “shocking” driving was played in court today.

Judge Stuart Driver, QC, told Price: “You deliberately chose to drive in a very dangerous manner for no reason other than your own pleasure.”

Price, 27, of Southworth Road, Newton-le-Willows, admitted to causing the death of Mr. Edwards and the serious injuries of Mr. Finch by dangerous driving.

It had three passengers when it crashed on Vista Road, near its junction with Queen’s Road, around 8.50 p.m. on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

Prosecutor Geoffrey Lowe said Price overtook traffic and ran a red light on the wrong side of Crow Lane in Newton-le-Willows, forcing an oncoming car to swerve to avoid him, before turn left onto Vista Road.

Adam Edwards, 19, who died in an accident at Haydock
Adam Edwards, 19, who died in an accident at Haydock

Judge Driver told Price: “Then he drove down Vista Road at shocking and lethal speeds for almost a mile.”

Overtaken two cars driving in the wrong lane and on the wrong side of the bollards on the left.

CCTV showed that he swerved into the correct lane to avoid a parked bus, spraying water from the wet road.

Lowe said he “lost control”, stepped onto the sidewalk and collided with four vehicles.

Mr. Edwards was conscious after the accident, but had sustained internal injuries, including a fractured pelvis and left leg, with profuse bleeding. He suffered fatal cardiac arrest on the way to Aintree Hospital.

The backseat passenger, Matthew Williamson, got out of the car but collapsed with injuries to his knee and pelvis, requiring surgery.

Local resident Jessica Bailey, who had first aid training, helped the victims and dragged Price when he fell unconscious.

He spoke to Edwards and treated Finch before giving Price, who had suffered cardiac arrest, CPR.

Lowe said Price had “an estimated downtime” of 16 minutes, before paramedics resuscitated him with four defibrillator shocks.

He was taken to the hospital and placed in a coma, having suffered a brain hemorrhage, before being discharged on December 30, 2019.

The scene of a fatal accident on Vista Road, Haydock on December 11, 2019
The scene of a fatal accident on Vista Road, Haydock on December 11, 2019

Finch, who was unconscious and trapped, was rescued by firefighters before he was taken to the hospital and put into a coma.

He had suffered a brain injury and spent three months in the hospital, before being discharged in February 2020.

Lowe said he had “a long list of injuries” including broken ribs, a broken pelvis, punctured lungs and a ruptured pancreas.

The prosecutor said the worst of these was bleeding into his brain, leading to brain damage, and his face is scarred from where he hit the windshield.

Lowe said: “He said the injuries have changed his life forever.”

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The court heard that Finch is unable to work, has memory loss, and believes “this has ruined his life.”

Price’s blood was drawn three hours after the accident and found to show alcohol, cannabis and cocaine, below legal limits.

However, a retrospective calculation showed that at the time of the accident he probably had around 132 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. The legal limit is 80 mg.

Alcohol was found in the car and Lowe said: “There was some suggestion that the defendant may have been drinking to practically the point of the collision.”

Police also analyzed CCTV to calculate the speed of the Lexus.

Judge Driver told Price: “Your speed for part of this trip averaged between 86 mph and 96 mph in areas where speed limits were 30 mph and 40 mph.”

An airbag control module in the Lexus, which only records speeds up to 75.8 mph, recorded that top speed just one second before the crash and showed Price only took his foot off the gas and started braking at that point.

Price was interviewed by police in May 2020 when he said he had no recollection of the accident or anything before or after due to memory loss, but did not comment when the CCTV footage was shown to him.

Ian McMeekin, defending, said today that Price had “absolute remorse” for his actions.

Emergency services were called to Vista Road in Haydock on December 11, 2019 to receive reports of an accident.
Emergency services were called to Vista Road in Haydock on December 11, 2019 on reports of an accident.

He said his client was supported in court by his girlfriend, mom, dad and cousin, who were aware of the “agony” he had caused.

McMeekin said his girlfriend was at the scene and “witnessed the fact that her partner did indeed die.”

He added: “It will do Adam’s family no good to hear this, but for the rest of Andrew Price’s life he will be eternally sorry for the events of that night and the consequences for the family.”

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“He’s going to have to live with it, but it’s a little comfort I know for those who listen.”

McMeekin admitted that Price’s excessive speed “defies explanation.”

He said: “Frankly, the repentance on the part of the accused and those associated with him is incomparable.”

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Judge Driver said: “Adam Edwards’s life ended when he was 19 years old. This court cannot attempt to measure or calculate the immense loss and pain suffered by his loving family.”

He said Price’s driving involved a “deliberate decision to ignore or blatant disregard for the rules of the road” and “an apparent disregard for the great danger being caused to others.”

The judge said aggravating features of the case included the fact that he was over the alcohol limit and had a prior conviction for drugged driving in 2015.

Judge Driver said that Mr. Finch’s “life-altering” injuries also make a substantial difference in sentencing, stating: “He feels like his life has been ruined and he struggles to cope with day-to-day activities.”

The judge jailed Price for nine years and banned him from driving for nine and a half years.

Price stopped by to greet his family sitting in the public gallery as he was sent.

Judge Driver said, “Let me congratulate the victims on their great dignity in this terrible case.”

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