Emmerdale fans get sick from ‘guessing’ Chloe’s identity

For weeks Emmerdale Fans have been sure that newcomer Chloe is not who she claims to be, and last night’s episode has left them convinced that Chloe is definitely not the sister of Sarah Sugden’s heart donor.

Ever since Chloe came into Sarah’s life, fans have been sure there is something murky about her. Not only did Sarah manage to track her down very easily, but every time Sarah tries to ask Chloe about her heart donor, Gemma, or her family, Chloe quickly changes the subject.

Chloe with Sarah Sugden Emmerdale

Chloe seemed to say goodbye to Sarah and Noah last night, but is it really the last time we’ll see her? (Image credit: ITV)

Having already admitted that she cannot talk about Gemma at home, and that her father would not want her to know that she had been meeting Sarah, Chloe is playing her cards very close to her chest.

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