Face ID on iPhone 13 stops working if a third party replaces the phone screen

With the addition of features like a 120Hz display on some models, Apple IPhone 13 lineup it’s a step above the phones the company shipped last year. But when it comes to the issue of repairability, the story is more complicated. Performing a device teardown, iFixit found It could not make the Face ID function of iPhone 13 work if the phone screen is replaced. Regardless of the workaround you tried, iFixit was unable to get Face ID to work again. By his estimate, the screen on the iPhone 13 line is serially locked to the device. “At this time, if you replace your screen, Apple removes your Face ID, unless they control the repair,” the company warns.

While it’s obviously not a good look for Apple, there may be a simple explanation for what’s going on. iFixit says it spoke with a licensed repair technician who said Apple support told them the problem is a bug that the company plans to fix in a future version of iOS. We reached out to Apple for more information. If that limitation turns out not to be a mistake, it would be a blatant move on Apple’s part given that the FTC, in the , recently voted unanimously for .

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