Fantastic Fest 2021 Review: ‘Masking Threshold’

Watching a character descend into psychotic insanity is nothing new for the horror genre; we have seen it in recognized classicsRepulsion), older indie fare (Fighter clash), even newer movies (Censor), and has proven to be a good backdrop for very different movies. But I’ve never seen one made like Masking threshold, which tells his story almost entirely through one man’s rambling thoughts over close-up macro images of the work he’s doing. You never get a full look at his face and only a few brief seconds occur outside of the makeshift lab he has set up at his home, making the film incredibly ambitious and remarkably confined at the same time.

Our anonymous Protagonist (the credits list him as Protagonist only) is an IT guy who has taken a few days off from work to understand and hopefully cure his hearing impairment, supposedly an advanced form of tinnitus. Anyone who has ever become obsessed with any aspect of their own health can probably relate to the character while testing theories, making charts to track changes, etc., although hopefully their own journey doesn’t end in bloodshed and tragedy. .

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