FFXIV’s $ 1,000 Y’shtola doll is seriously scaring gamers

A Y'shtola doll with white hair and lifeless eyes stares into your soul.

Photo: Square Enix / Volks

Final Fantasy XIV is a wonderful game, with a compelling story and gameplay that transcends the MMO genre. But for the past few weeks, the excitement of logging into my account and working on missions has been combined with the fear of coming face to face again with a banner advertising a super expensive, super haunting doll.

I’m lovin ‘it Y’shtola Rhul, a Miqo’te sorceress (read: cat girl) who has been part of the Final Fantasy XIV adventure since its launch more than a decade ago. Not only is he one of your predominant allies, but he’s also often a major player in the events of history, using his immense magical abilities to pull off some truly incredible feats.

All of this makes Y’shtola an obvious reference for use in high-quality collectibles. That being said, I wasn’t ready to see this doll every day.

Final Fantasy XIV login screen, with news listed below an advertisement for the Y'shtola doll.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Created by Volks, a high-end manufacturer known for its line of ball-jointed Dollfie figures, this Y’shtola doll is the first thing you say hello. Final Fantasy XIV players on the login screen since it was announced earlier this month. The large banner ad is hard to avoid as it is one of the few images present on the menu, and while it wouldn’t call the doll scary, it definitely gives off a haunting valley environment.

“What’s the problem? It’s just a doll,” you have to say to yourself. Well, FYI, I’m not the only one who has been haunted by this vinyl figure. Here are some quotes of the users’ choice on the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit:

“Every third rotation of the ad, the image changes to look at it.”

“I finally got to a point in my college where I had time to go back to play, load the pitcher, and I was greeted with that nightmare face.”

“Haunted Y’shtola doll who drinks all your Pepsi and calls you a bitch.”

“She can see into my soul. She calls me “.

“It’s almost October, so I’m okay with being perpetually terrified.”

Oh, and did I mention this costs $ 980? At that price, you better do housework or something. God knows I could use a little help folding all these clothes.

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