Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida Gives Little Update on Development Status


During a TGS live stream, Naoki Yoshida and Hironobu Sakaguchi talked about Final Fantasy XVI offering a little update on development.

During a live broadcast From Tokyo Game Show, Naoki Yoshida and Hironobu Sakaguchi talked about Final Fantasy XVI offering a small update on development.

You may know Naoki Yoshida as the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV and producer of XVI. Hironobu Sakaguchi is currently the boss of Mistwalker (who recently released Fantasian) is widely recognized as the father of the Final Fantasy series.

Sakaguchi-san mentioned that he feels that Final Fantasy XVI will be a full-blown fantasy, and Yoshida-san confirmed that the main stage is complete.

The side missions are in development and almost complete. The character models are almost finished too, and the team just needs to brush up on the quality a bit.

Yoshida-san went on to mention that the initial focus was to produce the main stage with a small team. While the total production period is quite long, the size of the team did not increase much until the plans were finalized. There was a lot of trial and error. Yoshida-san believes that it is important to start with a small team and then gradually expand.

Sakaguchi-san (perhaps jokingly) offered to write a quest for the game, and Yoshida-san mentioned that he could write for Final Fantasy XIV, but Final Fantasy’s father replied that he wouldn’t want to compete with Yasumi Matsuno (who gave him 1 million gil to start in XIV) and Yoko Taro.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released for PS5 and PC. No launch window has been shared and the exclusivity for the PS5 console has been explicitly described as temporary.

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