“First Signs of Stabilization” in Fuel Supply Crisis, Says Shapps, Urging People to Return to “Normal Shopping Habits” | UK News

The first “very tentative signs of stabilization” are being seen at gasoline service stations, the Secretary of Transportation said, after days of long lines and closed pumps at some service stations across the country.

Grant Shapps said the sooner people got back to their normal habits and stopped panicking over buying gasoline and diesel, the sooner the fuel shortage crisis would ease.

“Now a lot of gasoline is being transferred to people’s cars and now there are the first very hesitant signs of stabilization in the warehouse on the esplanade that will not be reflected in the queues yet, but it is the first time that we see more gasoline in our own gas stations, “he said.

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Woman fills water bottles with gasoline

“I think, as the industry said yesterday, the sooner we can get back to our normal buying habits, the sooner things will get back to normal.”

“We all have to do our part and we certainly don’t do things like bring water bottles to gas stations, it is dangerous and extremely useless.”

In response to criticism that government action, such as putting the army on hold to deliver fuel where it is most needed, has been slow, the cabinet minister said “numerous different measures” had been implemented since April to remedy the crisis. supply that has been caused by a shortage of fuel tanker truck drivers.

“We have already implemented 18 different steps, which I would say extends into the spring,” he said.

“Remembering that this problem is caused almost entirely by the coronavirus and the inability during lockdowns to test new drivers of heavy vehicles. We have lost 30,000 drivers of heavy vehicles during that process.”

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The motorist fills the drum with gasoline

Army tanker drivers have been put into readiness should they need to be deployed to ease chaos in fuel supply chains.

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