Flare Partners with FCF to Launch First DAO Professional Sports Team

  • Flare is associated with fan-controlled soccer (FCF).
  • This collaboration aims to advance NFTs and create the first DAO professional sports team.
  • The CEOs of both parties expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership.

Flare, a highly decentralized smart contract platform that runs EVM on payment chains like XRP and Doge, has announced its partnership with Fan Controlled Football (FCF). This collaboration aims to power the league’s collectible NFTs and pave the way for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) voting platform, creating the first professional sports team that is controlled by a DAO on a blockchain.

The professional sports league FCF will mint and issue its first commemorative NFT of the season v1.0 in Flare. Each NFT will contain a video clip of a significant moment from the first season.

Expect encapsulated videos like the hail catch Josh “Flash” Gordon’s game won in his first FCF game or Johnny Manziel’s first league snap, and the game-winning touchdown in the FCF People’s Championship game. .

At the start of the v2.0 season, FCF will continue to save special moments and give them to dedicated fans through NFT games to win. These NFTs serve as rewards for those who participated in the selection of the players and called the plays in real time.

Aside from the NFTs, Flare and FCF are setting the stage for a future fully DAO-controlled expansion kit to be built on Flare. Additionally, this partnership will also make Flare a league sponsor, giving the new network a whole new look during live and interactive FCF games viewed by millions of fans around the world.

Additionally, Flare CEO and co-founder Hugo Philion expressed his thoughts on the new partnership:

Following the phenomenal success of Season 1, we are absolutely thrilled to formalize our partnership with global sports disruptors Fan Controlled Football. The use of DAO and NFT built into Flare means that the relationship soccer fans have longed for for years, but the existing business model of prevented sport is now possible. Interestingly, Season 2 will explode from Twitch to the metaverse and beyond. Passionate football fans come and own their team and make their calls happen in real life.

Likewise, Sohrob Farudi, CEO and co-founder of FCF also stated:

We are incredibly excited to be working with Flare and his team to explore all the possibilities that the Flare network opens up for FCF. Building on Flare allows us to take advantage of communities and ecosystems like XRP, DOGE, and Litecoin that were previously closed to the world of NFTs and blockchain-based gaming to make money.

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