Florida Man Uses Recycle Bin to Trap Large Alligator Outside His Home | US News

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear flip flops and socks. A US military veteran who has gone viral online for catching a large Florida alligator in a rolling container says he “used the front like a hippo’s mouth” to scare the reptile into submission.

When Eugene Bozzi’s 26-year-old daughter told her, “Hey, this big alligator just whistled at me!” She thought it must be a baby, the New York Post reports. When he saw that it was 1.8 meters long, he was scared but not discouraged.

“I said, ‘No, I’m going to take it off because I’m probably hungry,'” he said. USA Today. “The only thing that came to mind was protecting my children and the other children who were outside.”

So he grabbed the recycling bin, sliding it across the floor, with the lid open, toward the crocodile, which was at least as long as the big trash can. In a video uploaded to YouTube, titled “The black Dundee”- the crocodile with its mouth open is in front of the container in front, and at first it slowly crawls back, hissing. Finally, there is a confrontation: the crocodile stops moving backwards and Bozzi keeps the container in place.

A crowd has gathered and Bozzi asks for someone to notify him when the animal’s head enters the container. Then Bozzi rushes forward and places the blue container lid on the crocodile’s head. Sun streaks through the camera. The crocodile hisses and is thrown straight into the trash. He tries to back away, wagging his tail madly, but Bozzi tilts the bin up and the crocodile’s tail disappears just before the lid closes.

“I was scared when I had it, because it was so powerful. And I wasn’t expecting that, I was pushing, wagging my tail, “Bozzi told the local news channel. WESH 2.

Denise Sparks was inside her home when she heard the commotion. “It would have been alligator food, I would have passed out,” he told WESH 2. “I said, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I heard boom boom boom. “

“I don’t know the procedures, so I did it my way,” Bozzi said.

As the video went viral online, many people noted that Bozzi had accomplished the feat while wearing slides and socks.

A Twitter user named InfiniteStylz analyzed Bozzi’s clothing choice. “I had no intention of failing,” he wrote. “I present to you Exhibit A: white flip-flops and socks (to increase speed, balance and leverage) Exhibit B: Solid black Durag (Why, why not) This combination makes anyone level up and calm down and take action under pressure.”

Bozzi’s feat makes him a formidable addition to the hallowed halls of “Florida Man,” a term that sums up the number of wild adventures people have had in the state, and the headlines that follow. Many involve alligators: “Florida man caught trying to smuggle dead alligator into car” and “Florida man charged with dumping alligator at Wendy’s”.

Bozzi eventually took the container to a nearby holding pond where he tipped it over and escaped, before returning briefly once the animal left to retrieve the container.

“When he came back for the trash can, I perished,” wrote one Twitter user. “Don’t blame him even though they cost more than $ 100.”

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