GameFi Project DeFi Land Announces Public Testing Launch for December 22

  • DeFi Land announces the launch of public tests for December 22 at 4 PM, UTC.
  • During public trials, players can complete mini-games to earn rewards, farm for yield, and trade tokens.
  • DeFi Land partnered with Audius to allow gamers to listen to the radio station directly while playing games.

An agricultural simulation game that gained recognition at the Solana Summer Hackathon, DeFi Land is pleased to invite GameFi enthusiasts to put the platform to the test. Following an intensive six-week period of closed-door testing involving 3,000 verified users, the launch of Land DeFi for public testing is scheduled for December 22 at 4 pm UTC.

By all indications, the DeFi Land developers are eager to allow the public to experience all that the ecosystem has to offer with the game’s full launch in Q1 2022. The FTX-based gaming project is an amalgamation of everything. in one of DeFi, games, NFT and the metaverse. To access DeFi Land, all that is required is a wallet containing some SOL and the colorful launch is open to all.

Revealing DeFi Land

DeFi Land focuses on shipping products and achieving milestones rather than endlessly creating hype. Additionally, it is the first Solana game to hold a public test event prior to its full public release.

Throughout the public trials, players can complete mini-games to earn rewards, farm for yield, exchange tokens, fish, and explore the vast and visually rich landscape at their leisure. That is, they can have an exact impression of what awaits them in February / March.

Basically the key to the game is its native DFL token, which will otherwise be used for governance, betting, trading, and NFT crafting. The agriculture-themed project brings together diverse DeFi protocols under one roof, making it easy for users to manage their portfolio from a single dashboard, while also having the opportunity to earn additional income in the metaverse.

Not only will DeFi Land debut like any other game, it recently partnered with a decentralized music streaming platform. Audius. This means that players can listen to the radio station directly while playing. The sound waves will be broadcast from the Audius Radio Tower, a 3D device recently added to the metaverse, from the time of launch on December 22.

DeFi Land will offer something much more satisfying, not just from a visual and aesthetic perspective, but also, in terms of the learning curve, for DeFi newbies and veterans alike. Rather than the usual process of providing the infrastructure for users to passively acquire and farm tokens, the brain trust in DeFi Land believes the DeFi community wants more. Thus, players who trade and farm tokens will also be able to embark on missions and record achievements, with results and rewards leaking into their wallets.

The public’s search for GameFi is indisputable, and half of those who connected crypto wallets in November did so to play games. It’s no wonder Solana Ventures pledged this week to invest $ 150 million in startups that build games to make money for its ecosystem. DeFi Land, it seems, is launching at the right time. Also,, by the way, supported the recent public sale of DeFi Land’s native DFL token, along with Raydium and Solanum.

Moving forward, social elements such as a chat feature, Play to Win (P2E) models, and NFT integrations will be integrated to provide a richer and more interactive experience for players. At the moment, liquidity providers can connect their wallets and enjoy the fun game, DeFi mechanisms and various gamified elements.

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