Hannity sets Biden on fire after explosive Senate hearing: everyone who testified said he’s lying

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity it sounded on tuesday “Hannity” claiming that President Joe Biden has been caught in another ‘blatant lie’ amid chaotic efforts to end the war in Afghanistan.

Hannity’s comments come on the heels of a Senate hearing with military leaders on the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan that has stranded allies and increased danger within the region.

“45 days since hundreds and hundreds of Americans, their families were abandoned behind enemy lines. 45 days since thousands of green card holders, people eligible to be in this country legally were abandoned. 45 days since thousands of Special Immigration Visa (SIV) holders and their families were abandoned and our Afghan allies. And 40 days since Joe Biden lied to the whole world and promised to stay in Afghanistan until all American citizens were safely out of the country, “he said. .

“Sadly, that wasn’t Joe Biden’s only outright lie, because on Capitol Hill today, Biden’s top military advisers contradicted him time and time again.”

Hannity cited an August interview between ABC’s Biden and George Stephanopoulos in which the president stated that the need to maintain a military The presence in Afghanistan was not a recommendation issued by his advisers.

Joint Chiefs of Staff President General Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, that was not the case.

“Our so-called commander-in-chief. Remember August 19? He told his fellow Democratic Socialist George Stephanopoulos on ABC that his military advisers were not recommending a continued US military presence in Afghanistan,” Hannity said. “According to everyone who testified on Capitol Hill today under oath, they say Joe Biden was lying.”

Hannity also claimed that Biden’s comments, stating that he was not informed of the need to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan, was not the “only lie we learned today,” stating that the president was “less candid” about counterterrorism capabilities. from the United States. as well as the likelihood of a government collapse in Afghanistan.

Hannity attributed Biden’s actions or lack thereof to his desire to “show off” by spearheading the successful end to America’s longest war.

“Joe Biden hurriedly continued through his failed and highly avoidable withdrawal anyway because Joe wanted to brag that he successfully ended America’s longest war.”

Hannity continued to criticize General Mark Milley for a part of his testimony where he spoke of warning China if former President Trump attempted an unlikely military strike.


“According to the allegations, and Milley even tried to defend them today, Milley promised the communists porcelain, our sworn enemy, a hostile regime in two secret phone calls. I would warn them if then-President Trump decided to attack, “Hannity said.

“Under oath, Milley’s response was sneaky at best, although at one point he openly admitted that, yes, he would warn them,” he added.

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