Holiday Reindeers, A unique NFT project, aims to free up the reindeers from Santa’s Shadow

Reindeer on vacation The team is pleased to announce its release, with a unique concept of freeing the reindeer from Santa’s Shadow.

Holiday reindeer concept

The Holiday Reindeers team’s project line works like this: “Santa’s reindeer are sick of him taking advantage of them, so they got together and came up with a plan to rebel. Best of all, they plan to share the fees with anyone who helps them do it. “

About Christmas reindeer

Holiday Reindeers is a new NFT project offering a set of 10,000 NFTs, all based on Santa’s reindeer. According to the project website, they offer a total of 169 features.

The story behind the project is that the reindeer have realized that Santa has been preying on them for years, and that it’s time to fight back by releasing new NFT outfits for this and all subsequent holidays, as voted by the community. in the future. However, at the moment, everything revolves around Christmas.

Hand drawn NFT

Each of the 10,000 NFTs that the project intends to offer are all hand drawn and ready to mint. The mint will take place over the 12-day period, and the first person to collect the “12 Days of Christmas” will receive a special reward.

In addition to the 12 Days of Xmas collection, the project will also have other group trait names, including Neckware, Hats, Face, Eyes, Days of Xmas, Body, Antlers, and more.

Collectors should note that just obtaining the NFTs will not be enough, as they must also be merged through the use of Elf Station. The project notes that its goal is to be unique and imaginative, and not just copy and paste like other projects.

Christmas Reindeer Goal

At first, the NFTs will need to be minted on the project website, but after that, the NFTs will also start to appear on OpenSea until the platform is ready. The project also has the dApp mint ready, which will launch closer to launch. Being the moment of launch on December 23.rd.

Following the launch of the NFTs, the project will also launch the Elf Station needed to merge the reindeer, and then, launch the watering hole, which is where reindeer owners will be able to meet, merge and exchange their NFTs.

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