How to Determine the Fire Type of the Warzone Weapon: Full Automatic, Burst, Single Shot

Warzone has a lot of things built in from different games. Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War are just the first of many to be mixed into the actual battle. Because there are tons of guns, it can be confusing to know how to determine the type of fire from a gun.

So far Modern Warfare and Cold War are the Call of Duty games that have been integrated into Warzone.

With Vanguard launching in November 2021, there will now be three weapon sets in the game.

There is more of 100 weapons in the real battle, and each one has a different type of fire. From fully automatic, burst to semi-automatic, here’s how to tell what each weapon in the game is.

Waronze how to know the type of firearm
Activision / JGOD

This sight shows a semi-automatic weapon with three lines and a dot in the center.

How to know what kind of fire is a weapon in Warzone

Players have been debating how to tell what kind of fire a weapon is when it is lifted off the ground. Between the MW and CW weapons, there are single-shot, burst, and fully automatic weapons in the game.

Some Modern Warfare can switch between single and automatic shots, but Cold War ones cannot. Now when you get ground loot, weapons from a dead opponent, or in the Gulag, there can be some confusion about what you collect.

Here’s how to tell what type of fire a weapon is by looking at the weapon’s crosshair.

Waronze how to know the type of firearm
Activision / JGOD

This reticle shows a fully automatic weapon with four lines and a dot in the center.

  • Fully automatic: Crosshair will have four lines with a dot in the center of the screen.
  • Burst: Crosshair will have four dashed lines in the middle and a dot in the center of the screen.
  • Semiautomatic: Crosshair will have three lines and a point in the center of the screen, there will not be a line at the top.
  • Single fire: Crosshair will look the same as the semiautomatic.

While this is how you can tell that there are some issues with some weapons. the TEC-9 SMG Cold War has a fully automatic and burst attachment. While the pistol is semi-automatic at its base, it sometimes appears with fully automatic front sight when it isn’t.

Some gamers have pointed out that they look at the bottom of their HUD to see the bullets shown in the image, but they are not accurate. The method of the cross is the most accurate way to determine what type of fire the weapon has.

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