How to use FaceTime with Windows and Android users

FaceTime on a Windows computer.

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Appleis big IOS 15 update for iPhone allows you to invite Windows and Android users to your FaceTime calls.

It is the first time that it is possible. Previously, FaceTime calls were limited to people using iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Now when you start a FaceTime call from an iPhone, you can invite people using other devices, like a Windows computer or an Android phone. All you have to do is send them a link that they can open in a web browser to join the call. It means that you and your family don’t have to choose a different app if you have a mix of people using different software.

You need to approve anyone who tries to join using that link, which helps prevent random people getting the link from joining your call. One note: someone still needs an Apple device, like an iPhone or iPad, to initiate the call. But then anyone can join.

This is what to do:

  • Install iOS 15 if you haven’t already.
  • Open FaceTime on your iPhone (or iPad).
  • Tap the “Create link” button at the top left.
  • Choose how you want to send the link. You can send it via text message, email, or through any third-party messaging app on your device, like Teams or Slack. Send it.
  • You will see the main FaceTime screen after sending the link to a friend.
  • Now tap on “FaceTime Link” on the left to initiate the call from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Touch “Join”.
  • Now anyone with the link can click the link, enter their name, and request to join the conversation.
  • As a host, you will now approve anyone who wants to join by tapping a green check mark button.

That is all!

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