How to watch Clint Eastwood’s ‘Cry Macho’

Clint Eastwood is still working, as the latest film from the iconic actor / director, Cry Male, will be released on September 17. There isn’t much new ground for Eastwood to cover in his long career, but Cry Male he manages to be a first Hollywood legend, his first film to make a streaming debut at the same time it is being screened in theaters.

Cry Male starring Eastwood as Mike Milo, once a rodeo star and horse-washed breeder. A former employer asks Mike to go to Mexico and bring his son, Rafa, back to the United States and away from his alcoholic mother. As Mike and Rafa return to America, they face some unexpected challenges and discover what it really means to be a good man. The film is based on the novel by N. Richard Nash (who wrote the script with Nick Schenk).

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