Hubble Protocol Raises $3.6M in Pre-IDO Event To Support Its Zero-Interest DeFi Platform

  • The Hubble Protocol raises $ 3.6 million in a pre-IDO seed funding round.
  • Hubble will use the fund to support its interest-free DeFi lending platform.
  • Delphi Digital, Jump Capital, CMS, Spartan, Mechanism Capital led the funding event.

Hubble Protocol announced that it has raised a whopping $ 3.6 million in a pre-IDO seed funding event.

Hubble will use the funds raised to support and grow its DeFi interest-free lending platform. By doing this, the company will empower the minting of Hubble’s native Solana stablecoin, $ USDH in the market.

Additionally, the funding event will strengthen the Hubble Protocol to build strong momentum for its $ HBB-IDO launch in January 2022. To name a few, Hubble’s funding program was supported by Delphi Digital, Jump Capital, CMS, Spartan , Mechanism Capital and Three Arrows / Challenge.

Not only these companies, but also Capital, DeFi Alliance, Decentral Park Capital, and Digital Strategies also supported the Hubble Protocol at the funding event.

DeFi Alliance partner Qiao Wang said:

The Hubble Protocol is backed by some really special talent. Marius and Thomas are two of the most special founders we have supported. Most first-time founders tend to focus on product, some on distribution, but Marius and Thomas are more concerned with team building.

Also, Wang mentioned that Marius and Thomas deeply understand that creating a stablecoin does not depend on the algorithm itself, but on integrations and utility. He said Marius and Thomas know that the only method to achieve this is “non-stop grinding.” At the same time, Wang expressed that long-term thinkers are needed to provide all these synergies, as they are special.

Delphi Digital Co-Founder Yan Liberman said:

We are very excited to be investors in Hubble. Delphi continues to support the DeFi ecosystem and its potential to impact all verticals within finance. One of DeFi’s many exciting ecosystems for innovation is Solana, and as a result, developer activity there has exploded over the last year. The team behind Hubble is world class and we are delighted to be working alongside them to build DeFi primitives, from loans to structured products and more.

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