IFixit’s iPad mini teardown delves into ‘gelatin displacement’, lack of repairability [Video]

After taking down the iPhone 13 Pro last week, the folks at iFixit are back with an Apple takedown Redesigned iPad mini. the demolish offers a deep dive into the so-called “jelly scrolling” that affects the iPad mini screen, iPad Air comparisons, and more.

In total, this new iPad mini has scored 3 out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale. iFixit explains that while it appears that Apple may have considered making the battery easier to replace this year, it ultimately decided against it and continued to attach the battery to the device.

The teardown also reveals a modular USB-C connector, which should make it easy to replace the port on your iPad should it fail.

Regarding the problem of “gelatin displacement”, that Apple has described As normal behavior, iFixit explains that while this is common on LCD panels, it is significantly worse on the iPad mini for whatever reason. The video offers a rather interesting slow-motion look at how the iPad mini’s “jelly scrolling” compares to the iPad Air.

Unfortunately, there are no other repairability improvements with the iPad mini. As iFixit explains, Apple continues its tactics to limit the repairability of the iPad. The full teardown video can be found below and is worth watching, particularly for its close comparison between the “jelly scroll” on the iPad Air and iPad mini.

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