In Which Episode Gojo Fights Jogo?

One of the best anime and manga series of all time, Jujutsu Kaisen, has a huge fan base and everyone knows how the plots and characters unfold within the series. As if we were to take an example of development episodes where Satoru Gojo and Jogo fight each other, but the question is: in which episode does Gojo fight Jogo? If you want to know about that, then you have to read the full article.

Jujutsu Kaisen is full of fight scenes with interesting storylines. All characters have their own potential and they like to go the way they want. However, cursed spirits like Jogo want to receive Sukuna’s vessel so that they can become even stronger than Sukuna. Yuji Itadori is a Sukuna vessel, and Satoru wants to teach him how to control Sukuna’s power by using his own domain expansion. The intense fight between Gojo and Jogo leaves an impact on Yuji. The episode where Satoru Gojo fights Jogo leaves an impression on Jogo of how strong Satoru Gojo is.

Additionally, the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series covers the fight scenes between Gojo and Jogo in two episodes. Both episodes reveal power, lesson, strength, difference, and knowledge. So if you want to know the coolest things about these episodes, don’t forget to read the article.

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In which episode does Gojo fight Jogo?

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best anime series of all time and all that for the plots and the characters, especially Satoru Gojo. Gojo is the star of the show and his battles against opponents are unpredictable. As if we take the example of our question, In which episode does Gojo fight Jogo? Jujutsu Kaisen is a 24-episode anime series, and the episodes in which Gojo fights Jogo are episodes 6 and 7.

In which episode does Gojo fight Jogo?
gojo vs game | Kart otaku

Also, these two episodes are filled with fight scenes between Satoru Gojo and Jogo. Also, the lesson learning battle for Yuji Itadori because he doesn’t know how to use a domain expansion. So, Gojo gives him the important lesson of domain expansion through his fight against Jogo.

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What is the reason behind the fights between Gojo and Jogo?

As we all know that there are two types of people, the first, who follows their own path, and the second, who follows the path of others. Gojo and Jogo are part of this concept because they both have different personalities and identities. Satoru Gojo is the follower of his own path, while Jogo is the follower of the paths of others. Therefore, Jogo wants to fight Satoru Gojo.

According to Jogo, all human races are weak and do not deserve to live as equal as the cursed spirits. As a special grade cursed spirit, Suguru Geto sent Jogo alone to retrieve Sukuna’s container. Before sending him, Suguru Geto told him that he shouldn’t fight Satoru Gojo. He didn’t really understand why he warned him. During their fight, Satoru Gojo continually punches Jogo without being hit by him, and because of that, Gojo thinks once again of Suguru Geto’s warning. Now, he realizes that he is not a weak human who can easily kill for anyone.

In which episode does Gojo fight Jogo?
gojo vs game | Kart otaku

Also, Yuji Itadori is part of Sukuna’s vessel, and Jogo cannot carry it in the presence of Satoru Gojo. He tested all of the cursed spirits’ special attacks, including their domain expansion against Gojo. However, the result is the same, Jogo is the one who receives each blow from Satoru Gojo. Gojo’s ‘Void Unlimited’ Domain Expansion gives Jogo unlimited blows simply by controlling his body and mind within the empty space of the universe.

Where can you watch Jujutsu Kaisen?

After reading about Gojo and his fights against Jogo and all the important information about Jujutsu Kaisen. As a fan, we are all interested in watching our favorite anime over and over again. So if you are also interested in watching all the episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen. Then I’m going to share some great streaming platforms where you can watch all the episodes without interruption. You just have to subscribe on their respective platforms using your email id, and you can also buy a monthly subscription plan on their website: Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Muse Asia, Hulu, and Netflix.

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