IPhone 13 Camera Parts Take Priority As Samsung Orders Drop

Providers of iPhone 13 Chamber parts are prioritizing Apple orders, according to supply chain reports. Many of them supply components to a wide range of smartphone brands.

The report says there are two reasons why Apple gets more from its production …

First, they are making less sales than expected to Samsung. Second, Apple’s orders are said to be more stable and profitable than other brands.

Digitimes reports.

Taiwan-based manufacturers of VCM (voice coil motors), cable winding and other lens module components for smartphone use are prioritizing production for Apple, amid strong pre-sales of the iPhone 13 series in China and Taiwan, according to industry sources.

The Japan-based suppliers collectively take a large chunk of Apple’s orders for VCM, cable winding and other components, and then outsource production to Taiwan-based manufacturers, the sources said.

Samsung’s sales of new smartphones in the third quarter of 2021 fell short of original expectations, and Chinese smartphone suppliers, including Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, have relatively high inventory levels of components. IPhones have taken over a large chunk of Huawei’s original market share, and Taiwanese component makers have high hopes for the iPhone 13, the sources explained.

For Taiwan-based manufacturers, Apple’s order profitability is higher and more stable than that of Samsung and Chinese suppliers, the sources noted.

The iPhone 13 Pro was ranked fourth in the latest DXOMark camera tests. Apple executives also shared some of the background on the development of cameras.

To who 9to5Mac, we have been impressed by our initial tests of the Pro and Pro Max. I tested the macro capabilities.

Apple has failed to fit a real macro lens on an iPhone. What it has managed to do is to get an existing lens to focus at extremely close distances so that you can take macro-like photos. […]

Photographers won’t ditch their DSLRs and proper macro lenses in favor of this. [but] For most macro-style photos, when viewed on iPhones and iPads, the results look good, and the same is true when viewing at normal web resolutions.

Regardless of the limitations, it is still an incredible ability to install on a smartphone. The vast majority of consumers will be impressed with the results, and it’s a great opportunity for creative and fun photography.

Zac Hall wandered around New Orleans with yours, and you’re already a fan of Photo Styles.

Photo Styles, which allows you adjust the tone and warmth of your camera, may be my favorite feature; So far I have been switching between vibrant and high contrast.

The weather conspired against my plans for some telephoto night mode shots last night, but I hope to take them tomorrow.

Photo: I fix it

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